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Occupational Safety & Health Reporter™

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What this service is:

Full news coverage and documentation of federal and state occupational safety and health programs, standards, legislation, regulations, enforcement, and court and agency decisions — information trusted by government regulators.

What it helps you do:

  • Get a national, big-picture, real-world perspective on the gamut of workplace safety and health issues.
  • Make sound business decisions or advise clients appropriately. Assess significant developments and their impact on operations, using in-depth articles and expert analysis of new rules, regulations, guidelines, and enforcement trends.
  • Receive notice of any key developments in workplace safety and health, including the status of OSHA-related bills in Congress, proposed and final regulations, and OSHRC decisions.
  • Use the latest information on rulings issued by tribunals nationwide to prepare your cases before courts or administrative agencies.
  • Consult the most significant decisions on worker safety and health issued by federal and state courts and OSHRC, complete with explanatory headnotes summarizing the points of law addressed. Facilitate research using Bloomberg BNA’s exclusive classification system.
  • Make sense of complex statutes, regulations, policies, and legal procedures with well-organized, clearly written information.
  • Review the full text of OSH-related source materials, including key OSHA standards, directives, and memorandums, OSHA field operations and technical manuals, and directories of officials in government, associations, and advisory panels.
  • Establish an effective safety program and meet your obligations to keep related records on employee illnesses and injuries. Anticipate worker needs and maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Achieve compliance. Before you act, check all components of this unique information service — news, authoritative reference materials, and cases—to make certain you’re on target.
  • Trust Bloomberg BNA’s objectivity and expertise. Published since OSHA was founded in 1971, the Reporter is an indispensable asset for safety professionals in both the private and public sectors.
Product Structure

Reference: analysis, guidance and primary source material

Decisions: full text judicial opinions, rulings and memoranda

Notification: current reports providing news and developments

Formats and Frequency

Print reference material is updated monthly and indexed periodically. Print notification is issued weekly and indexed every six months, cumulating annually. Decisions are published as required, generally monthly, with Bound Volumes and indexes issued periodically.

Web reference is updated daily. Web notification is available weekly and archived to 2/07/1996. E-mail summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with URLs to full text articles and documents are also available.

CD-ROM reference material Safety Library on CD is updated monthly.

  • > Asbestos
  • > Bloodborne pathogens
  • > Chemicals
  • > Congressional activity and oversight
  • > Construction
  • > Disabilities
  • > Drug testing
  • > Emergency planning and response
  • > Enforcement
  • > Ergonomics
  • > Hazardous materials
  • > Health hazards
  • > Indoor air quality
  • > Industrial hygiene
  • > Injury and illness statistics
  • > Litigation
  • > Mine safety and health
  • > Nanotechnology
  • > Personal protective equipment
  • > Process safety
  • > Recordkeeping
  • > Research
  • > Right-to-know
  • > Risk management
  • > Safety audits
  • > Standards and variances
  • > State plans
  • > Unions
  • > Voluntary protection programs