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The Use of Offshore Trusts in Asset Protection Planning

Product Code - TMAU37
Speaker(s): Howard D. Rosen
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Howard Rosen, BNA Tax & Accounting author and an attorney from Coral Gables, Florida, discusses asset protection planning strategies in the current economic environment. Mr. Rosen discusses and compares techniques used to protect liquid assets (cash & publicly traded securities) and those used to protect immovable assets such as real property. Special emphasis is placed on the use of offshore asset protection trusts, including entity and group trusts, and a discussion of the tax consequences and related issues surrounding such planning techniques."

This webinar discusses:

  • Who Needs Asset Protection Planning?
  • Why Most Litigants Settle Out of Court
  • Why Trusts Are Key To Asset Protection Planning
  • Where To Establish The Trust and Why
  • Why Not in the USA?
  • How Claimants Reach Trust Assets
  • Comparison of Certain US & Foreign Rules
  • How The Offshore Trust Works
  • Typical Protective Clauses
  • Overcoming Client's "Loss of Control" Concerns
  • Protecting Immovable Assets
  • Entity & Group Trusts
  • US Tax Compliance
  • Contempt of Court Issues

Upon Completion of this Program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify clients who may be suitable for asset protection planning;
  • Advise clients on relevant asset protection planning issues, including:
    • Evaluating appropriate jurisdiction for Trust Situs
    • Show how the offshore trust protects assets compared to domestic trusts
    • Understand tax compliance requirements
    • Understand Ancillary Techniques Required To Effectively Protect Real Property & Other Immovable Assets


Howard D. Rosen

Howard D. Rosen is an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant practicing law in Miami, Florida, as a shareholder (partner) in the firm of Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A., a firm listed in Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.

Mr. Rosen has been an Adjunct Professor and lecturer at law at the University of Miami School of Law since 1981, as well as a guest lecturer at the University of Miami School of Business Administration
He is an internationally recognized authority and frequent lecturer on the subjects of asset protection, taxation, and estate planning, having coauthored BNA Tax & Accounting Portfolios on U.S. Taxation Of Foreign Estates, Trusts, And Beneficiaries and Asset Protection Planning. Mr. Rosen has served on BNA Tax & Accounting’s Advisory Board on Estates, Gifts and Trusts since 1994.

Mr. Rosen has written extensively on Asset Protection for other leading publishers and has authored articles on asset protection for a wide range of professional journals. He has been the Chairman of the Asset Protection Committee of the American Association of Attorney - Certified Public Accountants since 2004.