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  • America Invents Act
  • Architectural works
  • Biotechnology patents
  • Business method patents
  • Cable and satellite TV, webcast, and music licensing
  • Computer software copyrights
  • Copyright Office
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cybersquatting and other domain-name disputes
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  • Generic drugs and other pharmaceuticals
  • Patent and Trademark Office
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  • Right of publicity
  • Trade dress and product configurations
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademark infringement and dilution
Key Laws and Regulations
  • Patent Act (U.S. Code, Title 35)
  • Copyright Act (U.S. Code, Title 17)
  • Lanham (Trademark) Act (U.S. Code, Title 15)
  • Code of Federal Regulations (U.S. Code, Title 37)


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Supreme Court Denies Review of Nine Issues in Patent and Trademark Law
February 24
No Appeal Standing for Consumer Advocacy Group in Attempt to Cancel Stem Cell Patent
February 24
Cohiba Trademark Fight Goes Back to TTAB As High Court Denies Standing Issue Review
February 24
No Wrongdoing, No Liability, Cisco Says In High Court Induced Infringement Case
February 24
In the News: Teva, American Zurich, BuzzBallz
February 24
9th. Cir. Affirms False Endorsement Ruling Against Parties That Sold Bob Marley T-Shirts
February 24
PTO Budget Draws Heavily on Reserve; Are ‘Judicial Rulings' to Blame?
February 3
Fed. Cir. Talks Teva, ‘Intrinsic Evidence In Dispute Over Camera-Computer Interface
February 3
Classification Guidelines From German Patent Office ‘Not a Big Change'
February 3
Endo Completes Acquisition Of Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
February 3
Ranbaxy Will Sell Off Antibiotic Assets To Complete Deal With Sun Pharmaceuticals
February 3
Wi-Fi Inventors’ Cut of IPhone 6 Sales to Shrink in Patent Vote
February 3
‘Patent Box’ Tax Probe to Be Dropped by EU, Boosting GSK, ARM
February 3
District Court Lacks Jurisdiction Over Fraud Claim Based on Pending TM Application
February 3
‘Princess Kate,' ‘Royal Kate' Marks Falsely Suggest Middleton Connection
February 3
Music Piracy ‘Virtually Eliminated' Among Norway's Under 30s, Copyright Body Claims
February 3
In the News: Taylor Swift's Lyrics, UNM
February 3
Hatch Stresses IPR, ISDS Objectives In Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
February 3
Perry Mason Moment Halts Moncrief $1.37 Billion Gazprom Suit
February 3