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  • Biotechnology patents
  • Cable TV and digital audio recording technology
  • Computer software protection
  • Derivative works
  • Dilution
  • Fair use
  • First-to-file patent system
  • Gene patenting
  • Generic drugs
  • Genetic engineering
  • Inequitable conduct
  • International patent harmonization
  • "On sale" and public use
  • Product configuration
  • Public performance
  • Tariff and trade agreements
  • Trademark actual use requirements
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August 01, 2014
  • PTO Board Rejects Business Method Patent Challenge After Declaratory Judgment Filing
  • Drug Maker Can't Invoke Strength of Patent, Litigation Risk in Defending FTC's §1 Claims
  • The Movie ‘Frozen' Does Not Infringe Short Film About a Snowman; But Does Its Trailer?
  • Traveling Custom Tailor's Web Site Was ‘Passive,' Lacked Sufficient Pa. Contacts
  • Canada to Limit Remuneration For American Rights Holders Under WPPT
  • Victoria's Secret Sex-Appeal Hurts Shirt Seller, Judge Says
  • EU Confiscation of Counterfeit Goods Down Slightly in 2013 Compared to Previous Year
  • Daily Briefing: Apple Crowd-Source, Woolworths, Frack
  • Personnel Changes at IP Law Firms, Organizations
July 31, 2014
  • House Subcommittee PTO Oversight Hearing Focused on Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • House Trade Secret Bill Tightens Seizure Standards Relative to Counterpart Senate Bill
  • Trademark Owners Urge ICANN to Ensure Sunrise for ‘Blocked' Second-Level Domains
  • Microsoft, Wal-Mart Sued in District Court, ‘Dallas Buyers Club' Sues Unnamed Defendants for Piracy
  • Daily Briefing: Apex, Microsoft, Victoria's Secret
July 30, 2014
  • WilmerHale, Waxman, Phillips Top Firms, Attorneys in Recent Supreme Court Patent Cases
  • Willful Deception Supports Presumption Of Injury for Profits, Enhanced Damages
  • Ford, GM Sued By Recording Artists For Unpaid Royalties on CD-Ripping Devices
  • Registering a Domain Name Alone Doesn't Violate Court Order Against ‘Use'
  • Daily Briefing: Hitachi Metals, Ford, Rooibos, Oakley
July 29, 2014
  • FilmOn Held in Contempt for Violating Injunction, Streaming After Aereo Stopped
  • Distribution of 1998 Statutory License Royalties Cannot Be Revisited
  • Apple Takeover Target Beats Sued by Bose Over Headphones
  • Sidley Austin's Carter Phillips Appointed Chair of Federal Circuit Advisory Council
  • Daily Briefing: Bose Sues Beats, Sanofi, Hershey
July 28, 2014
  • Fresenius Extended: Sanctions for Injunction Contempt Vacated If Claim Held Unpatentable
  • Akamai v. Limelight Back to Fed. Cir. Panel That Denied Direct Infringement Claim
  • Rejection of Patent Application on Electronic Medical Record System Vacated on Appeal
  • House Passes Senate Version of Mobile Telephone Unlocking Exemption Legislation
  • Fox's ‘Glee,’ Like Prince, May Be Called ‘Formerly Known As’
  • NCAA's $60 Million Video-Game Settlement Moves Ahead in Court
  • No Summary Judgment for Under Armour In ‘Micro G' v. ‘G Defy' Infringement Case
  • The Supreme Court's New Definiteness Standard And Its Effect on Medical Device Patents
  • Legislation Developments
  • Agency Developments
  • Supreme Court IP Case Developments
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Update
  • Hatch-Waxman Litigation Update
July 25, 2014
  • Federal Circuit: ‘May Be Raised on Remand' Does Not Bind ITC to Consider Issue Merits
  • ITC Overturns Sleep Disorder System Ruling
  • Witnesses Clash Over Statutory Damages, Copyright Enforcement During House Hearing
  • 5th Cir. Affirms ‘Ultimate Fan' Abandonment Rulings Favoring N.Y. Jets, Anheuser-Busch
  • Half of Chief Judge Prost's Advisory Council Now or Previously in High Government Posts
  • High Court to Hear Case in Oct. Challenging Federal Circuit's De Novo Claim Construction
  • Recent Federal Register Notices
  • Personnel Changes at IP Law Firms, Organizations
  • Daily Briefing: Evonik, Miracle Gro, Mars Hill
July 24, 2014
  • Dispute Over Qimonda Patent Licensees After Foreign Bankruptcy Continues at High Court
  • Deposition Not Admissible After Discovery Through Notice of Reliance in Opposition
  • ‘Exceptional Circumstances' Needed to Depose Redesignated Non-Testifying Experts
  • Daily Briefing: Cubs, Dirtball, Evictions, Bally
July 23, 2014
  • Court Erred By Squeezing Ketchup Packet Suit Against Heinz Into Patent Law
  • PTO's Fifth Software Partnership Meeting Stresses Need for Patent Claim Clarity
  • Frommer's Chicago Guide Violated Terms Of Limited License to Use Photographs
  • House Approves Satellite Television Reauthorization Legislation on Voice Vote
  • Daily Briefing: Amway, Hells Angels, Fracking, Quest
July 22, 2014
  • Lexmark‘s Standing Rule Inapplicable To Aluminum Foil Trade Dress Dispute
  • First Patent Derivation Decisions by PTO Use Established Standards to Deny Petitions
  • Petition Says Federal Circuit Contrary To 8 Other Circuits in Appeal Requirement
  • Having Lost Its Mojo Argument Below, Kind Asks 2d Cir. to Enjoin Sale of Clif Snack Bars
  • ABA Sections Provide Comments to SAIC On Draft Intellectual Property Rights Rules
  • Daily Briefing: Morningstar, Arcadia Bioscience, ‘Glee’
July 21, 2014
  • ITC Violated Own Rules in Reversing Decision That Import Ban Included Data Transmission
  • Hershey's Chocolate Co. Gets Injunction Against Md. Politician's Campaign Signs
  • T-Shirt's Short, Pun-Filled Phrase Is Not Protected by Copyright; Hipsters Mourn
  • Expedited Examination Takes a Step Backwards for Applicants Under the New Glossary Pilot Program
  • Supreme Court Continues to Build Out Its Framework for Patent Eligibility in High-Tech and Life Sciences Sectors
  • Canadian Government Calls Eli Lilly ‘Disappointed Litigant' in Patent Case
  • EU Court Adviser: OK to Deny Patents On Stem Cells for ‘Moral, Ethical' Reasons
  • Jack Black Not Sufficiently Well Known In Canada to Prevent Skin Care Registration
  • Fox's ‘Glee’ Turns Glum in U.K. as Judge Orders Name Change
  • Daily Briefing: Mylan, Clear Channel, Aereo, Globus
  • Legislation Developments
  • Agency Developments
  • Supreme Court IP Case Developments
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Update
  • Hatch-Waxman Litigation Update
July 18, 2014
  • Copyright Office Punctures Aereo's Life Raft, Says Service Not a Cable Company
  • Fed. Cir. Won't Hear Appeal of Infringer's Injunction Contempt Until Sanctions Set
  • Eastern Texas Ruling Not to Transfer Patent Infringement Case Challenged in Cert Petition
  • International Stem Cell Should Win EU Court Bid, Aide Says
  • Case Filings Increase as Damages Decrease According to PwC Patent Litigation Study
  • Holleyman Nomination Hearing Draws Calls For Strong Intellectual Property Rights in TPP
  • Wall Street Techs Who Jump Ship Are Focus of Secrets Theft Cases
  • Daily Briefing: Apple, SABmiller, PMFTC, Hallmark
  • Recent Federal Register Notices
  • Personnel Changes at IP Law Firms, Organizations
July 17, 2014
  • How Market Pronounces ‘Stonshield' Matters In Trademark Likelihood of Confusion Test
  • Dow Chemical Fabric Patent Application Gets Another Chance After Obviousness Overruled
  • Rep. Jeffries Introduces Bill to Encode PTO Clinic Certification Program in Statute
  • German Publishers Try to Get Fees From Google Using Copyright, Competition Law
  • Senate Gives Nod to Cell Phone Bill; Must Be Reconciled With House Version
  • Plan Proposes to Protect Geographical Indications for Non-Agricultural Products in EU
  • Daily Briefing: Illinois Tool Works, Tesla, Afterburner
July 16, 2014
  • Res Judicata Does Not Bar Trademark Action Arising After Settlement Agreement
  • Trade Secret Dissemination, Use by Recipient Separate Violations Allowing Separate Awards
  • House IP Subcommittee Focus Turns to Moral Rights, Copyright Term, Droit de Suite
  • Ninth Circuit Revises Garcia Injunction Pointing to Lower Court's Remaining Latitude
  • Copyright in Photographs of Dinosaur Egg Sculptures ‘Virtually Nonexistent'
  • Daily Briefing: Incitec, Airbus, Treasury Wine
July 15, 2014
  • Golden Bridge Foiled Again Asserting CDMA Mobile Communication Patents Against Apple
  • ‘Something for the Jury' Pre-Verdict Forecloses Post-Verdict JMOL Motion
  • Federal Circuit Says Hyatt Applies to Actions Brought Under Section 146, Too
  • Apple Wins Emblaze Patent Trial Over Video Streaming
  • 9th Cir. Does Not Cite Aereo in Affirmance of Refusal to Enjoin Hopper
  • Special Master's Report Fails to Set Forth Use of Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison Test
  • Petition Challenges Ruling That Superman Creators' Heirs Gave Away Termination Rights
  • Las Vegas Sands Faces $5 Billion Macau Plan Suit
  • Daily Briefing: Kyocera, Applebee's, Pfizer, Dupont
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July 14, 2014
  • ‘Device Profile' Claims Not Tangible, Recite Patent Ineligible Abstract Ideas, CAFC Says
  • Fed. Cir. Holds Patentee Cannot Assert Either Uncorrected or Corrected Claim
  • TTAB Rules ‘Bruce Winston' Mark Creates Likelihood of Confusion With ‘Harry Winston'
  • Daily Briefing: Telecom Patents, Apple, AB InBev
  • The Patent Trial and Appeal Board at 21 Months: An Interview With J. Steven Baughman of Ropes & Gray
  • Recent Decisions Continue to Reshape the Law Regarding Copyright Protection for Fictional Characters
  • Legislation Developments
  • Agency Developments
  • Supreme Court IP Cases—2013 Term Year in Review
  • Recent Hatch-Waxman Filings
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Update
July 11, 2014
  • Senate Judiciary Committee Gives Nod Unanimously to Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
  • Bill Targeting Patent Demand Letter Abuses Moved to Full House Commerce Committee
  • Federal Circuit Rejects More Claims That AIA False Patent Marking Is Unconstitutional
  • Eastern Texas Must Stay Infringement Case As PTAB Hears Business Method Challenge
  • Fed. Circuit Affirms Noninfringement Ruling In Patent Design Dispute Over Adult Diapers
  • Man Gets 15-Year Sentence for Stealing DuPont Secrets, Aiding China Company
  • TTAB Affirms Genericness, Merely Descriptive Refusals for ‘CloudTV' for TV Streaming App
  • Aereo Says It Can Operate Like Cable TV After Supreme Court Case
  • Daily Briefing: Marijuana, Motorola, Moroccanoil
July 10, 2014
  • Supreme Court Wraps up Term Featuring 10 Decisions in Intellectual Property Cases
  • TTAB Sustains Merely Descriptive Refusal For ‘Your Cloud' for Personal Cloud Services
  • Doctor Loses Challenge to Law Barring Him From Telling Patients of Chemical Exposures
  • Daily Briefing: Tesla, Jones Day, Fuel Cell, PR Firms
  • Personnel Changes at IP Law Firms, Organizations
July 09, 2014
  • After Joint Venture's Dissolution One Party Sought Registration of ‘Fairway Fox;' Failed
  • AIA Reports on Genetic Test Second Opinion, Effects on Small Businesses Long Overdue
  • China's Proposed IP-Antitrust Regulation Seen to Pose Risk of Compulsory Licensing
  • Tesla Sued in China by Businessman in Dispute Over Trademark
  • Daily Briefing: UptoBox, Nintendo, Airbus, Perry
  • TTAB Issues Another 2(a) Scandalous Refusal
July 08, 2014
  • Intel, Apple, HP Do Not Infringe X2Y Integrated Circuit Patents
  • Becton Dickinson Liable for Full Infringement Damages Award Despite Part Appeal Success
  • Renaming a Tennessee Town ‘Rocky Top' Would Not Be ‘Use in Commerce' Under TDRA
July 07, 2014
  • 5th Circuit Gets Tricky Trade Secret Case; Failed Suits Against Pop Stars Go to 4th, 7th
  • Second House Draft on Patent Demand Letter Legislation Addresses Patent Owner Concerns
  • Fails to Get Preliminary Injunction Against Rival
  • U.S. IP Law Associations Support Overturning Federal Circuit's De Novo Claim Construction
  • Petition Questions Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Gov't Trade Secret Misappropriation
  • Cert Petition Challenges Federal Circuit's Standards for Design Patent Obviousness
  • Canadian Appeals Court Allows Trademark Claim on Hockey Skate Design to Go Forward
  • Daily Briefing: Amazon, Fairchild, NORML, Katy Perry
July 03, 2014
  • Foreclosure of Lien on Registered Marks Raises No Federal Question, 4th Cir. Says
  • Special Shipping Instructions, Actual Sales Give Jurisdiction Over Related Patent Claims
  • European Commission Adopts New IP Enforcement Strategy After ACTA Rejection
  • PTO's Mayo/Myriad Eligibility Guidance May Chill New Drugs, Diagnostics, Panel Says
  • Daily Briefing: Apple, Time Warner, Las Vegas Sands
July 02, 2014
  • Supreme Court to Consider Preclusive Effect Of TTAB Trademark Ruling in District Court
  • CAFC Affirms Dismissal of Constitutional Challenge to First-Inventor-to-File Rule
  • AbbVie's Patents Asserted Against Centocor's Stelara Psoriasis Treatment Ruled Invalid
  • PTO Seeks Suggestions on Changing Rules For PTAB Patent Challenge Trial Proceedings
  • Daily Briefing: MasterCard, Swiss Copyright, GM
  • Recent Federal RegisterNotices
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