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  • ERISA litigation and plan disqualification
  • Executive compensation
  • Federal compliance and regulatory directives
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  • Health care reform
  • Investments
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July 28, 2014
  • ERISA Section 4062(e) Bill Approved By Senate Panel Would Change Liability Test
  • Labor-Sponsored Resolutions See Significant Fall in 2014, New Report Says
  • Five-Year Contract for Nebraska Meatpackers Includes Health Clinic, Surcharge on Smokers
  • New Guidance on ACA Premium Tax Credit Gives Details on Affordability Test Indexing
  • Employer Health-Care Plans Cover One-Tenth of Lowest-Paid Workers
  • Some Temporary, Seasonal Federal Workers Eligible for Health Benefits Under Proposal
  • Lawmakers Differ Over ACA's Effect On Future of Medicare Managed Care
  • Obama Administration Says It Will ‘Augment' Accommodation on Contraception Coverage
  • No Fee Award for Winning ERISA Defendant; Court Finds No Bad Faith by Plaintiff
  • Retirees Win Federal Court Bid for Jury Trial; Lawsuit Alleges Benefit Caps Violated CBAs
  • Court Allows Discovery Into MetLife's Paid Physician
  • Week Beginning July 21, 2014
  • IRS Final, Temporary Regulations (T.D. 9683) on Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit
  • IRS Rev. Proc. 2014-37 Providing Method to Determine Section 36B Percentage Table to Calculate Premium Assistance Credit Amount
July 25, 2014
  • Assemble Pay Ratio Data Sources Now To Ease Future Compliance, Practitioners Say
  • With Deal, Senate Clears Path to Vote On Highway Bill With Pension ‘Smoothing'
  • House Panel Approves Resolution Authorizing Lawsuit Against Obama
  • Illinois Outlook Cut to Negative by S&P On Deficit, Post-Retirement Benefit Risks
  • Fidelity: Average IRA Contributions Up 5.7 Percent
  • House Approves Bill to Reclassify TSA Workers
  • Business Leaders Say ACA Taxes, Reporting Requirements Hindering Coverage
  • IRS Releases Draft Forms for Reporting Of Employee Health Coverage Under the ACA
  • Insurers Refunding $332M to Consumers Under ACA Medical Loss Ratio Provision
  • Advocacy Groups, Lawmaker Urge Changes To Achieve Medicare Drug Savings
  • IRS Posts Draft of Small-Business ACA Form
  • Seventh Circuit Rules for Teamsters Retiree Seeking Higher Monthly Pension Benefits
  • Court Nixes Fiduciary Breach Claim Against Ford
  • Home Health-Care CEO Owed Severance, Court Finds
  • 401(k) Plan Trustees Agree to Repay Participants
  • DOL Alleges Failure to Remit IRA Contributions
  • Court Orders 401(k) Plan Fiduciary to Pay $81K
July 24, 2014
  • Senate HELP Committee Advances Bill to Clarify ERISA Section 4062(e)
  • SEC Takes Aim at Money-Market Fund Runs As It Approves Rules Allowing Floating Prices
  • AT&T Granted PTE Allowing Contribution Of Subsidiary's Preferred Interests to Plan
  • Bill Aimed at Limiting ‘Pension Spiking' Heads to North Carolina Governor's Desk
  • Tops Markets, UFCW Ratify Contracts With Changes to Pensions, Health Care
  • ERISA Advisory Council to Meet Aug. 19–21
  • Survey: Liability Concerns Weigh on New Trustees
  • Excluding Same-Sex Spouses May Land Self-Insured Plans in Court, Attorney Says
  • Fraudulent ACA Subsidy Applications Weren't Blocked, GAO Study Finds
  • Affordable Care Act Subsidy Loss Could Boost Premiums, Chase Away Insurers
  • Dignity Health's Pension Plan Not Established by Church, Judge Rules
  • Wisconsin Senator's ACA Subsidy Suit For Congressional Members, Aides, Dismissed
  • Court Denies Enforcement of Disability Settlement
  • Former Nexstar Employee's ERISA Claims Dismissed
July 23, 2014
  • ConocoPhillips Tops 401(k) Plans With Facebook Last in Bloomberg Rankings
  • Detroit Workers, Retirees Endorse City's Benefit-Cutting Bankruptcy Plan
  • New Jersey Pension Fund Forecast to Get Investment Returns of More Than 16 Percent
  • SEC Needs More Public Input Before Allowing Money Fund NAVs to Float, Chamber Says
  • Gains in Consumer Prices Eased Somewhat in June to 0.3 Percent
  • 23 Percent Don't Get Full DC Match, Survey Finds
  • Report: Saving 15 Percent Means Secure Retirement
  • Business Groups Express Backing for Bill To Repeal ACA Auto-Enrollment Provision
  • Appeals Courts Hand Obama Administration Mixed Results in Tax Credit Rule Decisions
  • ACA Supporters Predict Ruling Against Subsidies Won't Go Into Effect
  • State Street Agrees to $60M Settlement Of Challenges to Foreign Exchange Trades
  • Court: Air-Ambulance Service Lacks ERISA Standing
  • Great American Wins Accident Benefit Dispute
  • Court Allows Equitable Claims Against Administrator
  • View From Groom: Taking the ‘Risk' Out of De-Risking—Issues to Keep in Mind When Terminating a SERP
July 22, 2014
  • Disaster Relief Bill Would Ease Penalty on Plan Early Distributions
  • Average DC Plan Balance Up 12 Percent, Aon Says
  • EBSA Seeks to Extend DFVC Program Data Collection
  • Attorneys Make Predictions, Offer Advice, To ESOP Sponsors Following Dudenhoeffer
  • ABA-Based Retirement Plan Corporation Isn't Tax-Exempt ‘Business League,' 7th Cir. Rules
  • Vitamins Meet Medical Treatment Definition, 8th Cir. Rules in Approving Benefits Denial
  • Wisconsin Hospital Wins Attorneys' Fees In Two Insurer Pre-Certification Disputes
  • Disability Plan Participant Wins $56K Fee Award
  • Regulatory Watch
July 21, 2014
  • Mercer: Congress Should Resist Further Increases to PBGC Premiums
  • Conyers Introduces Bill Protecting Workers, Retirees in Municipal Bankruptcy Cases
  • IRS Issues Private Letter Rulings Covering Waivers and Plan Funding
  • IRS Sets Applicable, Adjusted Federal Interest Rates for August
  • 401(k) Balances Up 12.9 Percent, Fidelity Says
  • U.S. Territories Receive Exemption From Major ACA Insurance Market Rules
  • Unpaid Employer Contributions Not Assets Of Plan; Officers Not Liable for $543K Deficit
  • Exec's Stock Award Breach Claims Axed, Court Finds Resignation Prevented Vesting
  • Week Beginning July 14, 2014
  • IRS Rev. Rul. 2014-19 Setting Applicable, Adjusted Federal Interest Rates for August
  • PLR 201429031 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201429032 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201429033 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201429034 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201429035 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201429036 - Section 412 - Minimum Funding Standards
July 18, 2014
  • Caution Needed Before Deciding to Opt Out Of New Premium Rule, PBGC Official Says
  • House Passes Bill on Tax Breaks for Charity
  • IRS Seeks Comment on ERISA 204(h) Notice
  • Updated Circular 230 Posted on IRS Website
  • Survey: Participants Keen on Auto Deferral Increases
  • Plans That Drop Contraceptive Coverage Must Make Expedited Disclosures, DOL Says
  • House Republicans Dismayed With CMS Effort to Fix Marketplace Inconsistencies
  • Constitutional Experts, Lawmakers Debate Merits of House Lawsuit Against Obama
  • ERISA Preempts Quincy, Mass. Ordinance, First Circuit Voids Apprenticeship Mandate
  • $210K Withdrawal Liability Not Discharged In Prior Bankruptcy, District Court Finds
  • Eighth Circuit Orders Plumbing Company To Continue Contributing to Benefit Fund
  • Expedia CEO's Stock Vesting Upheld, Del. Court Dismisses Shareholder Suit
  • Detroit Retirees, Workers Plead For End to Bankruptcy Pain at Hearing
  • DOL: 401(k) Fiduciaries Mishandled Contributions
July 17, 2014
  • House Passes Short-Term Highway Patch Funded Partly by Pension Smoothing Provisions
  • Employers May Take Wellness Approach Toward Retirement Savings, Speaker Says
  • EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance On Pregnancy Bias Under PDA and ADA
  • House Passes Bill Slashing IRS Funding 13 Percent
  • U.S. Senate Rejects Bill Mandating Birth-Control Insurance in Companies
  • Recent SCOTUS Benefit Decisions Pose New Questions for Litigation, Panelists Say
  • Central States Strikes Out Against Insurers; Another Circuit Rejects Bid for Money Award
  • Fifth Circuit Vacates BP Stock Drop Case, Remands in Light of Supreme Court Decision
July 16, 2014
  • CEO Performance Pay Grows With the Rising Market, Report Says
  • GAO Report on Form 5500 Provides Good Suggestions, Analyst Says
  • ACT Recommends Pre-Approved Program Expansion
  • House Passes Bill to Change TSP Default Fund
  • RBC Capital's Wealth Accumulation Plan Likely Subject to ERISA, Fifth Circuit Rules
  • Eighth Church Plan Challenge Filed; Cases Now Pending in Six Circuits
  • Providers Don't Have ERISA Standing By Taking Payments From BCBS, Court Says
  • Judge Sanctions Foot Locker's Destruction Of Evidence in Cash Balance Plan Challenge
  • Dental Plan Participant Wins $78K in Attorneys' Fees
  • $46K Default Judgment Favors Multiemployer Funds
  • Default Judgment Restores $149K to Plan Trustees
  • Employer Ordered to Pay Fund Trustees $412K
  • Plumbing Company Held in Contempt of Court
  • Court Orders Employer to Pay Trustees $324K
  • PBGC Rates
July 15, 2014
  • CalPERS Reports 18% Investment Gain As Stocks Buoy Pension Fund's Returns
  • 401(k) Mutual Fund Fees Continue Decline, ICI Says
  • IRS Seeks Comments on Employer Safe Harbor Rules
  • Expert Analysis: Using Simulation to Assist Courts in Assessing the Prudence of Retirement Plan Investment Decisions
  • Democrats Decry House Republicans' Attempt to Sue President Obama
  • Horizon's Ingenix Settlement Approved, Class Members Obtain No Monetary Relief
  • Suit Seeking $837K From American Apparel Belongs in State Court, Federal Judge Rules
July 14, 2014
  • PBGC Director Gotbaum to Step Down In August; Groups Praise His Efforts
  • Bill Requires Corporations to Give Workers, Retirees Fair Treatment in Bankruptcy
  • Detroit Voting Deadline Sets Stage For Final Bankruptcy Showdown
  • IRS Issues Private Letter Rulings Covering Rollover Waivers and Funding
  • Knowledge Raises Investment Returns, Council Says
  • Boehner Says House to Sue Obama Over No Vote to Health-Care Mandate Waiver
  • Go Easy on COBRA Model Notice Changes, Allow Electronic Delivery, Groups Urge DOL
  • Sixth Circuit Orders Anheuser-Busch to Pay Increased Pensions to Former Employees
  • Ex-CalPERS CEO Pleads Guilty To Bribery Conspiracy Over Fees
  • Fidelity Agrees to $12M Settlement In Suits by Profit-Sharing Plan Participants
  • 6th Cir: Executive May Arbitrate Claims, Earlier Litigation Stance Not Preclusive
  • Week Beginning July 7, 2014
  • PLR 201428014 - Section 402 - Taxability of Beneficiary of Employees' Trust
  • PLR 201428012 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201428013 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201428015 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201428016 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201428018 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201428017 - Section 412 - Minimum Funding Standards
July 11, 2014
  • House, Senate Panels Advance Highway Bills That Include Pension ‘Smoothing' Provisions
  • Broader Exclusions From 162(m)(6) Rules Needed, ABA Tax Section Recommends
  • IRS Partially Withdraws Proposed Rule On Annual IRA Rollover Limits
  • Calculations of Public Pension Underfunding Are Masking Extent of Problems, Report Says
  • Pennsylvania Governor Signs Budget, Chides Leaders for Ignoring Pension Costs
  • SEC May Act Soon on Proposed Fees, Floating Price for Risky Money Funds
  • Employee Plans to Participate in IRS Tax Forums
  • Milliman: Plan Funding Levels Crept Up in June
  • Reid: Bill to Counter Hobby Lobby Decision Will Go to Floor Next Week
  • Taft-Hartley Plans Must Adapt, Compete In ACA Era, Cigna Insurance Official Says
  • HSA/HDHP Enrollments Up 12 Percent, Report Says
  • Survey: Most HSAs Ended 2012 With Leftover Funds
  • Church Plan Challengers Win 3rd Victory; Magistrate Agrees With Majority Position
  • Xerox Phantom Account Claims Waived, Court Reconsiders Judgment for Employee
  • Class Counsel Obtain $11.5M Fee Award After $46M Deal With Colgate-Palmolive
  • Court Finds No Assignment in BCBS Montana Claims
  • IRS Partial Withdrawal of Proposed Rules (REG- 209459-78) on Individual Retirement Plans, Simplified Employee Pensions
July 10, 2014
  • PBGC to Issue Guidance on ERISA 4062(e), Has Decided Not to Re-Propose Regulation
  • Standardized Target Date Fund Illustrations Would Be Confusing, Misleading, Groups Say
  • House Moves Ahead on Highway Bill With High Hopes for Pension Smoothing
  • House Republicans, Democrats Share Goal Of Answers to OPM Phased Retirement Rule
  • IRS Issues July Rates for Determining Present Value of Defined Benefit Plans
  • IRS to Hold Phone Forum on Impact of Windsor
  • Democrats Offer Bills to Counter Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision
  • Illinois Referendum to Ask Voters for Opinion On Insurance Coverage for Birth Control
  • EmblemHealth Reaches Agreement With N.Y. Over Denied Mental Health Claims
  • Learning Curve Steep for HSA Owners, Survey Finds
  • J.C. Penney ESOP Participants File Suit, Claim Stock Price Was Artificially Inflated
  • Judge Nixes $3.5M Settlement for Premera, Expresses Doubt Over 35 Percent Fee Award
  • American Airlines Pilot Loses Challenge To Benefit Calculation in Sixth Circuit
  • Eighth Circuit Affirms Medtronic's Denial Of Benefits, Finds No Procedural Irregularity
  • CalPERS May Not Get Special Protection When a City Goes Bankrupt, Judge Says
  • Court Awards Unum $51K LTD Benefits Repayment
  • IRS Notice 2014-43 Updating Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, Segment Rates for July
July 09, 2014
  • PBGC Announces Enforcement Moratorium On ERISA Section 4062(e) Cases Until 2015
  • Practitioners Say QLAC Rules Widen Choices, But Plans May Be Reluctant to Offer Them
  • Pension Advance Transaction Firms Use ‘Questionable' Practices, GAO Report Says
  • Two California Pensions Upgraded By Moody's on Funding Legislation
  • New Laws Give Small Employers More Time For ACA Compliance, Clarify Cost Disclosure
  • Survey: Employers Less Concerned About ACA Impact
  • Eighth Circuit OKs Windstream's Reduction Of Retiree Health Benefits, Finds No Vesting
  • Rolls-Royce Incentive Plan Not Subject To ERISA; Employee's Benefit Claim Fails
  • Court Halts Cincinnati Bidding Ordinance, Finds ERISA May Preempt Provisions of Law
  • Unum Wins $33K in Fees After Reimbursement Suit
  • Court Awards Multiemployer Plans $69K
  • Court Refuses to Vacate Personal Liability Decision
  • Court Orders Arbitration on Contributions Audit
  • View From Proskauer: Developing Issues and Litigation Arising Under the Federal Mental Health Parity Act and the Affordable Care Act
July 08, 2014
  • Plan Sponsors, Service Providers State Issues With Form 5500, GAO Says
  • BT Group Adds Longevity Insurance To Limit Risks of Its Pension Plan
  • IRS Issues Private Letter Rulings Covering Minimum Distribution, IRAs
  • Broader Definition of Dependent May Help More Working Caregivers, CRS Report Says
  • Survey: Half of DB Sponsors May Transfer Plan Risk
  • IRS Seeks Comment on Continued Use of Forms
  • Mercer Reports Small Gains in Plan Funding for June
  • CRS: Three Major ACA Proposals in the Works
  • Court Kills Most Claims Against Meriter Plan, Allows Fiduciary Breach Claim to Continue
  • 10th Cir. OKs Sun Life's Benefit Offset, Disagrees With 1st Cir. on Veterans Benefits
  • 5th Cir. Affirms MetLife's Benefit Denial In Alleged Lunesta-Influenced-Suicide Case
  • Supreme Court Grants Injunctive Relief To College in ACA Contraception Case
  • Fourth Circuit Affirms LINA Eligibility Determination
  • PLR 201427023 - Section 401 - Qualified Pension, Profit-Sharing, and Stock Bonus Plans
  • PLR 201427024 - Section 402 - Taxability of Beneficiary of Employees' Trust
  • PLR 201427026 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201427027 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201427028 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201427029 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201427025 - Section 408A - Roth IRAs
  • PLR 201427030 - Section 412 - Minimum Funding Standards
July 07, 2014
  • Variable Annuity Providers Should Review SEC Staff Guidance on Fund Use of Swaps
  • Detroit Suburb Gets Emergency Manager As Pension Obligations Contribute to Woes
  • Great-West Eyes More Acquisitions In Retirement Market After JPMorgan Buy
  • Form Used to Request Determination Letters Updated
  • Proposed Rule Calls for Tax Levies to Apply to TSP
  • IRS Corrects Sentence in Premium Payments Rule
  • 1st Cir. Axes $13M Fiduciary Breach Award, Closes Retained Asset Accounts Circuit Split
  • Fourth Circuit Rejects Equitable Claims; Employer Not Fiduciary of Life Insurance Plan
  • Illinois Supreme Court Voids Law Modifying Retiree Health-Care Benefits
  • PEOs Agree to Pay $203K to Settle DOL Claims
  • DOL Targets Estate of Deceased Plan Trustee
  • Week Beginning June 30, 2014
  • IRS Correcting Amendment to Final Rules (T.D. 9665) on Tax Treatment of Payments by Qualified Plans for Medical, Accident Insurance
July 03, 2014
  • Vanishing Coal-Mine Jobs Squeeze Pension at Risk of U.S. Rescue
  • IRS Issues Private Letter Rulings Covering Individual Retirement Accounts
  • New IRS List Shows 80,000 Institutions Have Registered for Direct FATCA Reporting
  • Proxy Advisers Must Disclose Conflicts, Relationships, SEC Staff Guidance Says
  • Georgia University System Extends Plan Tax Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses
  • IRS Updates Form 5307 Instructions
  • Cash Balance Adoption Up 22 Percent, Report Says
  • Fewer ESOPs, but More Participants, Report Says
  • Georgia Names Second Administrator For 2015 State Health Benefit Plan
  • Court Rules Against Reliance in Lawsuit For AD&D Benefits After Pulmonary Embolism
  • Court Awards Welfare Plan $1.1M Lien Over Medical Malpractice Settlement Funds
  • Tenth Circuit Affirms LTD Benefit Denial, Finds Service of Complaint Insufficient
  • Court Denies Officer's Legal Defense Plan Claim
  • Court Finds No Breach of VP's Employment Contract
  • Regulatory Watch
  • PLR 201426032 - Section 402 - Taxability of Beneficiary of Employees' Trust
  • PLR 201426031 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201426033 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
  • PLR 201426034 - Section 408 - Individual Retirement Accounts
July 02, 2014
  • Treasury, IRS Modify Tax Code Rules To Expand Access to Retirement Annuities
  • Complex Path Ahead in Post-Deadline FATCA Universe, Practitioners Say
  • Competing Social Security Bills Expose Potential Divide on Ideas for Overhaul
  • Pennsylvania's Governor Won't Sign Budget On Pension Concerns, Will Work on Overhaul
  • N.J. Governor Slashes Pension Payments, Vetoes Tax Hikes in Fiscal 2015 Budget
  • Roth IRA Holders Outpace Others on Contributions
  • Final Small-Business Tax Credit Regulations ‘Game Changer' for Firms Mulling Coverage
  • ACA Birth Control Benefits Under Pressure From Court Ruling
  • High Court Decision Worsens Pain Of ACA Birth Control Compromise
  • Part D Pays 32 Percent More Than Medicaid for Drugs, Report Finds
  • Survey: Don't Tie Wellness Programs to Premiums
  • Supreme Court Vacates Fifth Circuit Opinion, Remands in Light of Dudenhoeffer Ruling
  • Sixth Circuit Rejects Fund's Equitable Claims, Agrees With Fifth Circuit, District Courts
  • Health Plan Sponsors Sue BCBS Michigan, Claim Insurer Hid Administrative Fees
  • Supreme Court Orders 2nd Cir. to Reconsider Stock-Drop Claims Against Lehman Bros.
  • Change in Prescription Drug Program Didn't Violate Police CBA, Court Says
  • 2nd Cir. Affirms $847K Withdrawal Liability
  • Employer Agrees to Pay Fund Trustees $25K
  • Trustees Awarded $103K From Contributing Employer
  • Court Enters $74K Default Against Employer
  • Default Judgment Restores $43K to Plan Trustees
  • Negotiating Executive Employment Agreements: Cutting a Path Through the Regulatory Thicket
  • Supreme Court Docket Watch: 2013-2014 Term Employee Benefit Cases
  • IRS Final Regulations (T.D. 9673) on Purchase of Longevity Annuity Contracts Under Tax-Qualified Defined Contribution Plans
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