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How to Conduct Stress-Free Performance Evaluations

How to Conduct Stress-Free Performance Evaluations
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Speaker(s): Carol Hacker, President of Hacker & Associates
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Do you ever lose sleep over the thought of evaluating an employee with marginal performance or a behavior problem? Do you tend to skip evaluations of your top performers in the interest of time? Do you mentally make excuses for postponing evaluations because you're afraid of how your employees will react? As HR professionals, you have a responsibility to teach everyone who is charged with evaluating employee performance how to make evaluations stress-free and motivational.

Performance evaluations don't have to be painful. They can be effective planning tools for managers and at the same time provide helpful feedback to employees. The key to management's ability to deliver meaningful and stress-free performance evaluations is to involve employees in goal-setting and action plans. Doing so will help employers eliminate stress when evaluating team members.

Join Carol Hacker, President of Hacker & Associates, as she discusses the following:

  • How to prepare for evaluations with the 6-step process
  • Plan for the discussion
  • Prepare to handle unrealistic goals
  • Ask employees to self-appraise
  • Define what constitutes average, above average and below average performance
  • Write performance goals that are objective and measurable
  • Prevent surprises that lead to unnecessary problems
  • Make constructive feedback stress-free
  • Conduct the evaluation as an exchange of information
  • Get comfortable discussing numerical rankings
  • Avoid losing your cool
  • Remember, one size does not fit all
  • Forced ranking and 360 degree feedback - is one of these for you?
  • Avoid the 10 Most common mistakes
  • Don't be influenced by the "halo" effect
  • Don't postpone evaluations
  • Take care to do it right the first time
  • No surprises

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Carol Hacker, President of Hacker & Associates

Carol Hacker
 has been an instructor, speaker, and independent business consultant for over 25 years.  As president of Hacker & Associates, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, she works with organizations throughout North America to build a chain of evidence that demonstrates the value of effective management practices.  Her goal is to help managers, supervisors, HR professionals, team leaders and business owners meet the leadership challenge.  Over 500,000 participants have benefited from her customized seminars on the topics of recruiting, retention, evaluating employee performance, change management, handling troublesome workplace issues and much more.  Her clients range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies and also include not-for-profit and government agencies.  Carol is the author of 14 books, scores of audio CDs and over 400 published articles.  She earned her BS and MS with honors from the University of Wisconsin.