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International tax rules and regulations are only becoming more complex in today’s global economy.  Your choice of research tools could mean the difference between seizing greater opportunities or falling prey to higher risks.



“With our international inbound client base, I find the Bloomberg BNA Premier International Tax Library to be absolutely essential in U.S. planning for foreign nationals. The research platforms and analyses are spot-on and always current.”
    — Robert Payne, Trust Business Development Director, Amicorp Services Ltd,Miami, FL

International tax rules and regulations are only becoming more complex in today’s global economy.  Your choice of research tools could mean the difference between seizing greater opportunities or falling prey to higher risks.

Introducing Bloomberg BNA’s new Premier International Tax Library… a comprehensive  resource featuring daily breaking news and developments, in-depth analysis and commentary on emerging trends, extensive coverage of major tax treaties, and ongoing discussions with leading international experts on global tax issues affecting multinational companies. Bloomberg BNA offers extensive international tax coverage with unique perspectives in one convenient location.


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  • Country Portfolios — Written by in-country experts, these Portfolios cover the tax and business regulatory systems of 40 countries including Canada, China (PRC), France, Germany, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and more! You’ll also find an overview of the relevant European Union rules. Each Portfolio provides clear and structured insight into the country’s major direct and indirect taxes and its tax treaty network, as well as the available forms of doing business, and the regulations governing the setting-up and operation of companies and partnerships and foreign investment. Particular emphasis is placed on those aspects of most importance to foreign investors and their advisers – for example, the relative advantages and disadvantages of doing business via a branch or a local company.

  • U.S. International Portfolios — Over 40 Portfolios written by expert international tax practitioners provide practical analysis in virtually any scenario involving U.S. taxation of cross-border transactions. These Portfolios provide guidance on the U.S. taxation of U.S. taxpayers’ foreign income and foreign taxpayers’ U.S.-source income. The U.S. International Portfolios cover everything from foreign tax credits and branch profits tax to foreign partners and partnerships and Subpart F Corporations. Also included are working tools, sample forms, documents, and Primary Sources!

  • Tax Treaties Analysis — This service gives you access to expert analysis of over 200 international tax treaties between the top 25 major trading nations – plus full-text of 2700 treaties. Written by leading in-country practitioners, Tax Treaties Analysis also provides at-a-glance summaries of treaty provisions and a tool that enables you to perform a quick side-by-side comparison plus news of all the latest treaty changes.

  • Global Tax Guide — This comprehensive tax rate guide provides tax profiles of more than 100 key jurisdictions and covers corporate taxes, withholding taxes, indirect taxes, personal taxes, transfer pricing and anti-avoidance rules, miscellaneous taxes, and tax treaties.  Written by local experts, the Global Tax Guide includes regular updates to tax rate information and easy reference tables of key international tax rates.
  • U.S. International Tax Guide — Organized by the nature of transactions and the type of taxpayer, this guide provides clear and structured insight on the U.S. tax rules that apply to international transitions. The content is also supported by numerous examples and citations to underlying authorities. 
  • International Withholding Tax Chart Builder — This Chart Builder enables users to quickly find both withholding tax rates under a source country's domestic law for dividends, interest, and royalties paid to nonresidents of that country, and the applicable income tax treaty rates for those kinds of income when paid to the country’s treaty partner investor countries.  


Written by expert tax practitioners, the new International Tax Chart Builder gives you easy access to international tax topics of more than 100 countries. This information, pulled from our Global Tax Guide, enables you to compare multiple tax topics among jurisdictions that you select, making your international tax research even easier. Plus, you can select by individual countries, regions of the world, or all countries.

The International Chart Builder covers the following topics for over 100 countries:

  • Currency
  • Membership of Economic Groups
  • Website of Tax/Finance Authority
  • Recent Tax Developments
  • General Outline of Corporate Taxes
  • Corporate Tax Rates
  • Capital Gains Taxes for Corporations
  • Position of Losses for Corporations
  • Group Treatment- Corporate Tax
  • Position of Resident Companies- Withholding Taxes
  • Position of Non-Resident Companies- Withholding Taxes
  • Dividends – Withholding Taxes
  • Interest – Withholding Taxes
  • Royalties – Withholding Taxes
  • VAT/GST: main and reduced rates, plus exemptions
  • Domicile and Residency Requirements- Individual Taxes
  • Main Rates and Bands- Individual Taxes
  • Dividends- Individual Taxes
  • Transfer Pricing Rules
  • Anti-avoidance Provisions- Transfer Pricing
  • Controlled Foreign Company Rules- Transfer Pricing


  • International Tax Monitor — This daily service ensures you're alerted to all major tax developments affecting multinational enterprises. The International Tax Monitor enables you to follow legislative, regulatory, judicial, and policy developments as they occur and tracking leading tax developments in key jurisdictions such as the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, China, Russia and Brazil.
  • International Review — An essential monthly briefing that provides detailed analysis of key cross-border tax planning developments, country specific news and treaty updates worldwide. The International Review gives you expert guidance on tax legislation, rulings, cases, and policies; and offers insights into solutions for current international tax issues.
  • International Forum — This quarterly, case-study journal provides expert comparative discussion on a single key international tax issue.  Leading practitioners from up to 17 countries explain how the often complex questions arising from a realistic hypothetical scenario would be dealt with from the perspective of their own country. The solutions, comments and analysis provided in the Forum give you detailed insight into the tax law and practice of different countries.  This allows you to compare and contrast each jurisdiction with ease. 
  • International Journal — This monthly journal covers the full range of global tax developments and features analysis and commentary by distinguished international tax practitioners on cases, rulings, regulations, legislation, tax treaties, and more. Also included are the current status of U.S.  treaties and a cross-border view of Canada-U.S. and Mexico-U.S. tax practice.   The International Journalgives you the latest news, analysis, trends, insights from expert international tax practitioners.
  • European Tax Service — The news, analysis, and data to help you operate in and across Europe. All aspects of European tax — domestic and cross-border, direct and indirect, corporate and property — are covered. Plus, it's regularly updated to keep you informed of every key development in over 30 countries.
  • Asia-Pacific Focus — In-depth analysis of tax developments, legislative updates, and tax planning issues in Asia-Pacific countries, as well as essential tax briefings on the region — all in one informative online service. Covering 17 countries and regularly updated, refer to it for detailed analysis from local experts throughout the Asia-Pacific. 


  • Indirect Taxes — For indirect tax specialists, this essential service provides news and analysis of developments in indirect taxes worldwide, including all new legislation. Major areas covered include E.U. VAT (including analysis of ECJ cases), GST in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, key state taxes in the United States, customs duties and excise, stamp duties, real estate and property taxes, and taxes on intangibles and telecommunications.

Bloomberg BNA’s Premier International Tax Library can also be supplemented with Bloomberg BNA’s signature Transfer Pricing Premier Library which includes the Transfer Pricing ReportTransfer Pricing JournalTransfer Pricing Portfolios, and new Transfer Pricing Forum.


The Premier International Tax Library helps you:

  • Get expert insights from leading international tax practitioners on a broad range of topics from both international and country-specific perspectives
  • Gain authoritative guidance on major international tax developments
  • Quickly compare different countries’ tax structures
  • Access an unrivaled collection of case studies to compare the treatment of key tax issues around the world
  • Stay on top of the latest updates with daily news



Bloomberg BNA provides unparalleled coverage on:

  • Allocation and Apportionment
  • Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)
  • Business Reorganizations
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Credits & Incentives
  • Foreign Currency
  • Foreign Governments
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • Income Sources
  • Indirect Foreign Tax Credits
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Individual Taxation
  • Interest Expenses


  • International Compensation
  • International Real Estate
  • Losses
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Noncitizens
  • Offshore Tax Havens
  • R&D Expenses
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Source of Income
  • Subpart F
  • Tax Deductions
  • Tax Treaties
  • U.S. Citizens & Residents
  • Withholding Taxes



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