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A comprehensive two-day introduction with live group instruction on the fundamental concepts of international taxation.


• Learn the basic principles of international tax law and tax jurisdiction underlying international tax systems worldwide
• Find out the causes of double taxation and what methods are adopted to avoid it in different tax systems
• Discover the history of tax treaty legislation and differences between the OECD and UN Model Treaty
• Understand key treaty terminology and how to obtain withholding tax benefits while avoiding Limitations on Benefits (LOB) provisions
• Learn basic OECD arms-length transfer pricing principles and their application in resolving pricing and thin capitalization disputes
• Become familiar with the use of tax havens and anti-haven legislation
• Identify special cross-border issues involving indirect taxes, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and estate and gift taxes
• Attend this ADIT-specific course and prepare for the ADIT Paper l exam


In today’s global tax environment, corporate tax professionals are increasingly exposed to different tax laws in each country and must be sensitive to differences in tax systems. Employers also need to be confident that they have capable individuals who can see the big picture and can resolve international tax problems using the latest tools and resources. Tax practitioners involved in tax planning and compliance must understand the broader international tax issues and the tools available to avoid domestic or foreign double taxation. In addition, more countries are increasing regulation of cross-border residents and transactions, so your company or clients must be aware of the underlying tax reporting responsibilities in structuring operations worldwide and avoid noncompliance penalties and interest.

Bloomberg BNA is pleased to announce a course on the fundamentals of international taxation, which is designed to familiarize attendees with the key principles of tax systems worldwide. Principles of International Taxation will be taught by our experienced faculty of EU and U.S. tax accountants and attorneys, including ADIT recipients. Key topics, including tax jurisdiction and double taxation, tax treaty terminology and benefits, and transfer pricing and thin capitalization, will be covered in a comprehensive three-day format.
Attendees interested in enrolling in the ADIT (Advanced Degree in International Tax) program can use the materials in this course as preparation for the Paper l Exam on December 2016. A reading list for the course is available at the ADIT website (


This two-day course is designed as an introductory course on general principles of international taxation. Materials in this course can be applied in most countries including the United States. The course is recommended for new and experienced tax accountants and attorneys involved with multinational clients, which are doing business in multiple taxing jurisdictions. Corporate tax directors, managers and their staff will find this course is particularly useful if working with tax systems in other countries.

This ADIT-specific course is designed to assist attendees in preparing for the Paper l exam offered by the CIOT in December 2016. For more information on ADIT, see ADIT allows tax practitioners to increase their knowledge of cross-border tax issues and enhance their professional skills. ADIT confers a professional international tax designation, in recognition of the time spent by applicants in attending, studying and researching international tax laws in the United States and other countries. No course prerequisites are required, but a reading list can be found on the ADIT website. This program is transitional which is appropriate for newly admitted attorneys.



8:15 am  Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:45 am  Welcome and Introduction

9:00 am  Basic Principles
• Basic principles of international tax law:
• Jurisdiction to tax
• Taxes and tax systems
• State practice in exercising tax jurisdiction
• Limits to tax jurisdiction
• Causes of international double taxation
• Methods of relief from International double taxation
• History of international tax law

10:30 am  Refreshment break

10:45 am  Double Tax Treaties - Overview OECD Model Convention
• Format and structure of a DTC
• Applying provisions of DTCs
• Interpretation of DTCs
• Residence in DTCs
• Residual category of “other income"

12:30 pm  Luncheon    

1:15 pm  Double Tax Treaties – Business Profits & Services
• Business profits
• Services
• Permanent establishments

2:30 pm  Refreshment break

2:45 pm  Double Tax Treaties – Employees, Directors and Individuals
• Independent personal services
• Dependent personal services
• Directors, officers, other functionaries
• Governmental employees
• Pensions and annuities

4:30 pm  Seminar Adjourns for the Day


8:00 am  Continental Breakfast

8:30 am  Double Tax Treaties
• Dividends, interest and royalties
• Limitation of benefits
• Capital gains

9:45 am  Refreshment break

10:00 am  Double Tax Treaties (continued)

12:00 pm  Luncheon

12:45 pm  Overview and Examples of the Application of Double Tax Conventions

2:15 pm  Refreshment break

2:30 pm  International Developments
• Overview of adopted or proposed Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) and Exchange of information (EOI) initiatives by the OECD, EU and the US


5:00 pm    Seminar Concludes


November 14 & 15, 2016

AMA Conference Center
1601 Broadway (at 48th and Broadway)
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Hotel accommodations are at your own discretion. We suggest the following:

Belvedere Hotel
319 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036
Tel: (212) 245-7000

Novotel of New York
226 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Tel: (212)-315-0100


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