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Privacy & Security Law Report®

What this service is:
Bloomberg BNA's Privacy & Security Law Report provides comprehensive weekly coverage of the latest breaking legal, regulatory, legislative, and judicial news in the privacy and security fields. Learn about developments affecting data protection, employee privacy, data breaches, marketing, identity theft, data retention, corporate security, financial privacy, health care privacy, consumer privacy, e-discovery, and more.


What it helps you do:

  • Stay on top of federal enforcement actions and guidance from the Federal Trade Commission, banking agencies, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Communication Commission, and Health and Human Services; guidance from industry groups on topics such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards; and updates on actions of state attorneys general.
  • Track EU data protection, binding corporate rules, model contracts, Article 29 Working Group updates, EU data protection authority enforcement actions, and related international data directive news.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest APEC privacy developments, as well as coverage of data protection law in the Asia-Pacific region, including extensive coverage of Canada, Australia, and Japan.
  • Follow privacy and data protection law in Latin America, and keep up with privacy law developments in countries such as China, the Philippines, Turkey, Russia, and Dubai.
  • Learn of developments relevant to drafting privacy policies, responding to requests for information, and protecting data.
  • Keep up with federal privacy law, including HIPAA, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), HITECH Act, PATRIOT Act, Gramm-Lech-Bliley, CAN-SPAM and the European Union Data Directive, plus hot topics and emerging issues.
  • Read in-depth analysis from experts in numerous articles on privacy and data and information security, written by some of the nation's top attorneys.
  • Follow recent privacy/security-related court rulings, including updates on key litigation and settlements.
  • Review the latest legislation pending in Congress and the nation's state houses, especially in the bellwether state of California.
  • Rely on Bloomberg BNA to track the progress of new privacy/security-related bills in Congress, provide updates of proposed and final agency rules, and news of the latest regulatory enforcement actions.
  • Depend upon Bloomberg BNA's legal editor/reporters to cover major conferences and teleconferences you might otherwise miss. 

Product Structure
Notification: current reports providing news and developments
Formats and Frequency
Print issues available weekly. Print current reports are indexed every six months, cumulating annually. Web current reports are archived to 1/07/2001 available only with the Privacy & Data Security Resource Center

• Adware
• Authentication
• Background checks
• Biometrics
• Consumer privacy
• Corporate security
• Cybercrime
• Data breach notification
• Data retention
• E-health
• E-mail
• Employee privacy/security
• Encryption
• Enforcement
• EU and global data protection laws
• Financial privacy/security
• Genetic information
• Health privacy/security
• Homeland security
• Identity theft
• Marketing
• Outsourcing
• Privacy notices and policies
• Spam
• Spyware
• Tax privacy/security
• Telemarketing
• Trade secrets
• FTC Act
• Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
• Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
• Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
• Sarbanes-Oxley Act
• Fair Credit Reporting Act
• Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
• Privacy Act of 1974
• Computer Fraud & Abuse Act
• Electronic Communications Privacy Act
• Federal Information Security Management Act
• Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
• Freedom of Information Act
• Telephone Consumer Protection Act
• Digital Millennium Copyright Act
• Right to Financial Privacy Act
• Bank Secrecy Act
• Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
• Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
• Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
• Driver's Privacy Protection Act
• Telemarketing Sales Rule
• Stored Communications Act
• Wiretap Act
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