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  • Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
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  • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
  • Flammable Fabrics Act
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  • Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act of 2000
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July 30, 2014
  • Boston Scientific Wins First Trial In Pelvic Mesh Injury Litigation
  • $84.5M Abbott Labs Verdict Stands; Insurer Must Pay for Italian Drug Recall
  • Claims Over Ear Drops to Be Heard Together; Walgreens Loses Severance Motion
  • FMCSA Official Defends Trucker Hours Rule During Senate Transportation Panel Hearing
July 31, 2014
  • CPSC Swears in New Commissioners Elliot Kaye, Joseph Mohorovic
  • Quaker to Stop Using Trans Fats Under Settlement of Oatmeal Label Suit
  • GM Said to Miss Signals on Crashes From Rental Car Companies
  • Flex-Able Hose Injunctive Relief Claims Nixed; Plaintiff Lacks Article III Standing
July 29, 2014
  • No Certification for Cat Litter Class: Lack of Ascertainability Strikes Again
  • Two Zometa Plaintiffs May Go to Trial; Novartis Wins Judgment in Third Case
  • NCAA to Provide $70 Million To Settle Sport Concussion Cases
  • Rust-Oleum Maker to Pay $797.5M To Settle Asbestos-Related Injury Claims
  • Chrysler Sued Over Ignition Switches; Would-be Class Suit Follows Jeep Recall
  • Academies Finds Compelling Evidence That Styrene May Cause Human Cancers
  • Canada Concludes 49 Chemical Substances Not Toxic But Will Continue to Monitor 28
July 28, 2014
  • Minor's Lead Poisoning Suit Revived: Risk-Contribution Theory Appropriate
  • Morgan Lewis May Exit Turkish Gun Case; Ruling Comes Nearly 30 Years Post-Verdict
  • Senate Confirms Kaye, Mohorovic As New CPSC Commissioners
  • Lexapro Marketing Suit Should Be Revived, California Parents Tell First Circuit
  • ACT Mouthwash Case Proceeds; Consumer Alleges False Advertising
  • Early Warning Reporting Rule Revised; NHTSA Also Issues Tire ID Proposal
  • Diet Pill Marketers Agree to Pay $500,000 For Deceptive Weight-Loss Efficacy Claims
  • FDA OKs Purdue's Extended-Release Opioid With Abuse-Deterrent Properties
  • FDA, Mexico Form Produce Safety Alliance Aimed at Better Protecting Public Health
July 25, 2014
  • Later-Served Defendant Didn't Waive Right To Remove Earlier-Removed Asbestos Case
  • GAF Materials Touts ‘Fair' Deal In Class Suit Alleging Faulty Shingles
  • Phaseout of Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic Chemicals Is Goal of Merkley Bill
July 24, 2014
  • Senate Agrees to Vote On CPSC Nominees Kaye, Mohorovic
  • BMW, Subaru Join Automakers Recalling Cars Due to Flawed Takata Air Bags
  • China Meat Scare Adds Foreign-Owned Suppliers to Food Worries
  • Prempro Attorneys Settle Dispute Over $62 Million in Fees
  • Samsung Warranty Claims Proceed In Galaxy S Phone Defect Suit
  • Senate Agrees To Vote On CPSC Nominees Kaye, Mohorovic
July 23, 2014
  • $10 Million Verdict Upheld In Children's Motrin Case
  • Travelers Ordered to Abide By $500 Million Asbestos Pact
  • Death Is Indivisible Injury in Maryland; Asbestos Trust Must Pay Full $1.3M Award
  • Engle-Progeny Suit Reinstated; No Illness Manifested While Fla. Resident
  • GM Faulty Ignition Case Heads Back to State Court
  • GM Sales Surge Amid Recalls As Barra Seeks to Weather Storm
  • Group Asks FDA to Update Label, Add Black Box Warning to Levaquin
  • Chrysler to Recall Older Jeeps Over Ignition Switch Issue
  • GM Sales Surge Amid Recalls As Barra Proves Quality Sells Cars
  • $10 Million Verdict Upheld In Children's Motion Case
July 22, 2014
  • Non-Preempted, Parallel Claim Stated In Kentucky Suit over Defibrillator Lead
  • Split on Ascertainability Doesn't Justify Another Look at Supplement Class
  • Chemicals That May Affect Testosterone Identified in Toxicity Screen, Researchers Say
  • FDA to Study Teens' Perceptions Of Prescription Drug Advertising
July 21, 2014
  • No Rehearing in Pella Window Case; Settlement Remains in Ashes
  • Phthalates in Toys Report Receives Mixed Views From Trade, Consumer Groups
  • Reynolds to Appeal $23B Verdict In Florida Widow's Tobacco Suit
  • Class Certification Warranted In Wesson Oil Label Suits, Plaintiffs Say
  • GM Reveals Additional Ignition Part Change Without New Number
  • GM Issues Stop-Sale Order On Some Cadillac Sedans
  • House Republicans Target FDA Over Proposed Generic Drug Labeling Rule
  • Endocrine Disruptor Uses May Continue If Risks Are Controlled, EU Commission Says
  • EPA Finalizes Insect Repellent Graphic, Expects Marked Products in Early 2015
  • Cargill Says It Will Stop Using Growth Antibiotics in Turkeys
July 18, 2014
  • Report to CPSC: Phthalates in Toys Don't Pose High Risks To Children
  • Verdict in Engle-Progeny Case Affirmed; Evidentiary Challenges Rejected
  • Swiss Miss, Pam Class Certification Denial Appealed to Ninth Circuit
  • Nutella Label Class Settlement Upheld; Attorney Fees' Concerns Unfounded
  • FDA Rejects Consumer Group's Call For More Controls on Testosterone Products
  • Overhaul of Chemical Risk Assessments To Take Up to Five Years, EPA Official Says
  • Improve Records on Ground Beef To Prevent Illness, USDA Proposal Says
July 17, 2014
  • GM Backs Revised Legislation Banning the Rental of Recalled Vehicles
  • Barra Defends GM at Hearing As Senators Rip Legal Team's Work on Recalls
  • $11.1M Mesh Verdict Stands In First N.J. Bellwether Trial
  • Jury Spoliation Instruction Nixed, But Indemnity Upheld in Fuel Leak Suit
  • Hawaii AG Case Against Bristol-Myers Squibb Sent Back to State Court Under CAFA
  • Refund Fund Created For Buckyballs, Buckycubes
July 16, 2014
  • Texas Substantial Factor Test Extends To Mesothelioma Cases; $11.6M Verdict Nixed
  • California's ‘Component Parts' Defense To Worker Suits Will Get Weighed
  • Some Staff Failed On Switch Recall, GM Top Lawyer Says
  • Senate Bill Would Imprison Execs Who Knowingly Hide Product Dangers
  • No Learned Intermediary Defense In West Virginia Wrongful Death Suit
  • Woman Failed to Allege Deception In Would-be Class Suit Over Kind Clusters
  • Dichloromethane Is Probable Carcinogen, Cancer Research Group Says
July 15, 2014
  • Ten Tips to Ensure an Effective CPSC Hazard Reporting Compliance Plan
  • Consumer ‘Popcorn Lung' Case Slated for August Trial
  • Punitives OK'd for Unseaworthiness Claims, Not for Wrongful Death, Survival Actions
  • Plaintiff Loses Metoclopramide Appeal; Dissent Would Certify Branded Liability Issue
  • CPSC Commissioner Nominees Now Await Full Senate Vote
  • Claims Against Biomet Stay in Federal Court; Health Care Claims Fraudulently Misjoined
  • Trader Joe's Label Settlement Gets Final Court Approval
  • Controversial Poultry Inspection Rule Sent to OMB for Review
  • HMI Industries Settles With CPSC Over Allegedly Defective Floor Cleaners
July 14, 2014
  • ‘Failure-to-Update' Claims Allowed; No Brand Maker Liability, Iowa Top Court Says
  • New Proposed Rules Coming on Safety Of Underride Guards in Trucks, Trailers
  • Gerber May Be Liable for Punitive Damages In Suit Contesting Baby Food Health Claims
  • Defective Roof Shingles Case Proceeds to Trial on Class Claims
  • Bill to Exempt Replica Cars From Safety Regs Moves Forward
  • Testosterone Therapy to Be Discussed At FDA Advisory Committee Sessions
  • EU Chemicals Agency Defends Video On Consumer Rights Over Industry Objections
July 11, 2014
  • Estee Lauder Won't Have to Face Class Suit Over Clinique Makeup
  • Stolen Tesla Driver's Death Revives Electric-Car Safety Questions
  • June-February 2014 CPSC Recalls: Expanded Recall of Ikea Wall Lamps
  • No Jurisdiction Over Germany's Daimler AG In California Jeep Rollover Case
  • 66,421 Harleys Recalled Due to Brake Problems
  • Chemical Regulations Must Be Excluded From Transatlantic Trade Accord, Groups Say
July 10, 2014
  • Remington Arms to Settle Class Action Over Rifle Triggers
  • Punitive Damages May Be Pursued In Second Mesh Trial Against J&J, Ethicon
  • Public Advocates: GMOs Need FDA Approval; Rep. Pompeo Says Review Process Enough
  • Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban BPA Use In All Food, Beverage Containers
  • Asbestos Exception to Wrongful Death Deadline Doesn't Extend to Benzene Exposure Suit
  • Final Chemical Risk Assessments, Labels Coming by Fall, EPA Official Says
July 09, 2014
  • Cane Juice Label Suit Brought Back, Then Stayed Pending FDA Action
  • Asbestos Suit Headed to N.Y. High Court; Liability for Third-Party Parts at Issue
  • Chinese Pet Treat Safety Defended After Illness Reports From U.S. Pet Owners
  • False Ad Suit Trimmed Over ‘All Natural' Waffles
  • 13 New Use Rules for Coating, Nanoscale, Energy-Related Chemicals Issued by EPA
  • Passed Deadline for Worker's Asbestos Suit Doesn't Bar Widow's Wrongful Death Claim
  • Massachusetts Barred From Enforcing Restriction on Zohydro ER Prescriptions
  • Denmark Drops Proposed Phthalates Ban; European Court Ruling Cited
July 08, 2014
  • Is the ‘Food Court’ Losing Steam? An Update on Food and Beverage Consumer Class Actions in the Northern District of California
  • The Future of Take-Home Exposure Cases In California? ‘It Depends,' Lawyers Say
  • Suit Over Flawed Biomet Hip Implant To Proceed in Florida State Court
  • Medtech Products Denied Remand Stay In Murine Ear Drops False Ad Suit
  • Zogenix Plans to Submit Application For Abuse-Deterrent Version of Zohydro ER
  • FDA Reopens Comment Period on Ways To Prevent, Deter Abuse of Opioid Pain Drugs
  • Foster Farms Pulls Chicken With Salmonella; Outbreak May Aid Food Safety Legislation
  • GM Resists Recalling Pickups Amid Complaints of Brake Line Rust
July 07, 2014
  • Wrongful Death Beneficiaries in Ford Suit May Keep Their Case in Texas
  • Shingles Class Gets New Certification Shot; ‘Commonality of Damages' Not Needed
  • Porsche Secures Bond In Appeal to Class Settlement
  • Disinfected Water, Fuel Additives, Nanotubes Should Be High IARC Priorities, Advisers Say
  • Dairy Farmers Seek Exemption Under Proposed Food Safety Rule
  • More Targeted Compliance Check Approach For REACH Registration Planned by Agency
  • Shingles Class Gets Second Shot at Certification; ‘Commonality of Damages' Not Required
June 12, 2014
  • Lanham Act Suit Proceeds Against Coke; Consumer Attorneys Call Ruling a Boon
July 03, 2014
  • Malpractice Jury Charge Improperly Used In Defect Case; $10M Judgment Vacated
  • Jeep Remedy Passes NHTSA Tests But Agency Concerned About Fix's Timing
  • Warning Duty Limited to Prescribing Doc; Evidence Curtailed in Florida Aredia Case
  • Drive-By Victim Can't Sue Foreign Gun Maker; No ‘Stream of Commerce,' Minimum Contacts
  • J&J Settles With Oregon in First State Deal Over Hip Implants
  • Bankruptcy Judge: GM's Concealing Of Defect Would Have Been Fraud on Court
July 02, 2014
  • Bat Maker Not Liable to Teen Player; Insufficient Proof Bat Was Too ‘Hot'
  • Design Defect, Consumer Claims Axed In Tysabri Wrongful Death Suit
  • Product Makers Swapping Banned Retardants With Related Chemicals, New Report Shows
  • State Bar Not Necessary Party to Class Suit Alleging Bogus Asbestos Charges by Law Firm
  • Graco Recalls Children's Car Seats Because of Buckling Problems
  • European Commission to Allow Nickel In Certain Toys Sold in European Union
  • CPSC Hearing Slated On 2015 Agenda, 2016 Budget
  • Aston Martins, Lamborghinis May Have Faulty Tire Pressure Light
  • Product Makers Swapping Banned Retardants With Related Chemicals, New Report Shows
  • Aston Martins, Lamborghinis May Have Faulty Tire Pressure Light
July 01, 2014
  • Plaintiffs' Expert Excluded From Zoloft MDL; Causation Opinion Not Reliable
  • GM Recalls 8.45 Million More Vehicles To Surpass Yearly Record in U.S.
  • ‘No’ to Diet Margarita Deception Class; Members Can't Be Adequately Pinpointed
  • Purely Pomegranate Secures Dismissal From Hepatitis A Case in Colorado
  • Chrysler Ignition Remedy Fails to Satisfy Regulators Because of Air Bag Concerns
June 30, 2014
  • SCOTUS Seeks U.S. Government's View In Case Allowing ‘Failure-to-Update' Claims
  • Top Court Won't Review Drug Cases That Raised CAFA ‘Tried Jointly' Issue
  • SCOTUS Won't Review Vaccine Act Ruling Denying Future Earnings Where Recipient Died
  • Consumers Who Used Generic Drug Lose Appeal Against Branded, Generic Makers
  • Bill Aims to Increase NHTSA Funding, Safety Oversight Authorities
  • Legislation Would Require USDA To Recall Meat, Poultry With Salmonella
  • Chrysler Dodge Rams, Nissan Versas Investigated By NHTSA
  • Legislation Would Require USDA To Recall Meat, Poultry With Salmonella
June 27, 2014
  • $55.3M Jury Award Against Honda Over Belt Design in Rollover Case
  • GM Executive Remains After Involvement With Ignition-Switch Flaw, Documents Show
  • FDA Oversight May Be Required for New, Altered Chemicals, Products, Attorney Says
  • EU Imposes Limit on Bisphenol A In Toys for Young Children
June 26, 2014
  • Newly Disclosed Deaths Tied to Energy Drinks Investigated by Food Safety Group, FDA
  • R.J. Reynolds Socked With $20M Verdict In Engle-Progeny Case in Florida
  • No Preemption of Ant-Spray Claims Under FIFRA; Punitives Possible
  • GM Probes Cruze Cars For Possible Recall of Takata Air Bags
  • NFL Lifts Damages Caps In Revised Pact on Player Concussions
  • GNC Supplement Class Action Nixed For Insufficient Expert Allegations
  • Wal-Mart Snags Dismissal Of False Ad Suit Over Supplement
  • Claims Sent for Arbitration In Suits Over Genetic Test Kits
  • Republican Lawmakers Want Examination Of Costs of Proposed Generic Labeling Rule
June 25, 2014
  • Software Maker May Be Held Liable For Negligent Undertaking in Drug Liability Suit
  • CPSC Commissioners Express Mixed Views On Baby Sling Proposal; Vote Expected in July
  • No Clear Evidence of Increased Heart Risks For Diabetics Taking Olmesartan
  • Study Linking Roundup, Biotech Corn To Health Problems in Lab Rats Republished
June 24, 2014
  • Consumer Groups Urge FTC to Investigate CarMax's Sale of Recalled Used Cars
  • Gerber Won't Have to Face Class Suit Over Allegedly Deceptive Baby Food Labels
  • Ford Off the Hook for $3M Settlement; Texas High Court Upholds Fraud Verdict
  • FDA Issues Final Guidance on Use Of Nanotechnology in Regulated Products
  • Estate Failed to Show Artist Used Asbestos-Containing Clay
  • FDA Denies Citizen Petition Requesting Black Box Warning on Statin Labels
June 23, 2014
  • GM Injury, Loss Litigators Take Stock Of New Ignition-Related Recalls
  • No SCOTUS Review of Ruling OK'ing Claims Over Non-Reporting of Adverse Events
  • Plan to Improve Prop 65 Warnings Praised By Health Advocates, Criticized by Business
  • Congress Shouldn't Block FDA Rule On Generic Drug Labeling, Public Citizen Says
  • No Second Chance for Excluded Expert; Dismissal Bid Lurks in Horizon Milk Case
  • FDA Draft Proposes No Regulation Of Medical Device Data Systems
  • FDA Requires Warning on Testosterone Drugs About Risk of Blood Clots in Veins
  • E-Cigarette Rule Comment Deadline Extended Into August
  • Almost 3M Hondas, Nissans Recalled Over Air Bags
June 20, 2014
  • Bill to Expedite Sunscreen Approvals Advanced By House Subcommittee
  • Ford Explorer Under Review For Exhaust-Leak Complaints
  • Auto Power Loss Tied to Design Flaw Not Suited to ‘Materials' Warranty Claim
  • Soap Suppliers, NRDC Diverge On FDA Antibacterial Soap Rule
  • Crane Vows to Appeal $25 Million Asbestos Awards
  • Case Revived Against ConAgra Over Alleged Salmonella-Tainted Pies
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