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Product Safety & Liability Reporter™

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What this service is:

Get updates on significant developments and issues in product safety and liability litigation and regulation, plus analysis from top litigators, with Product Safety & Liability Reporter.

What it helps you do:

  • Protect your business or clients with accurate, objective news and practical analysis of product safety and liability developments.
  • Comply confidently with government requirements by finding out sooner about implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and other relevant statutes and regulations.
  • Learn about product recalls and enforcement actions that may affect your business or clients.
  • Use Bloomberg BNA's expert analysis to spot legal trends early and assess their impact on the value and strength of your cases.
  • Find out about litigation and other developments that are sometimes unavailable from other sources, including pretrial filings and decisions, evidentiary rulings, and verdicts and settlements.
  • Know what litigation strategies adversaries and colleagues use, and how courts respond.
  • Put significant developments into perspective with BNA Insights by leading practitioners.
  • Stay up-to-date without taking too much time. Easy-to-read, well-organized highlights let you see instantly which articles are of interest to you, so you can skip right to them.
  • Get authoritative, unbiased reporting—highly regarded by plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys, judges, regulators, and corporate counsel alike.
Product Structure

Reference: primary source material

Notification: current reports providing news and developments

Formats and Frequency

Print reference material is updated regularly and indexed annually. Print notification is issued weekly and indexed quarterly, cumulating annually.

Web notification is published continually and archived to 1/19/1996.

E-mail summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with links to full-text articles and documents, are available for all web subscribers.

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  • Asbestos
  • Baby products
  • Building and construction equipment
  • Consumer product database
  • Drugs
  • Electrical equipment
  • Firearms
  • Food
  • Lead paint
  • Machinery
  • Medical devices
  • Motor vehicles
  • Pending litigation
  • Pesticides
  • Preemption
  • Product recalls
  • Sports equipment
  • Tobacco
  • Toxic products
  • Vaccines
  • Wood preservatives
Try Product Safety & Liability Reporter™ now.
  • Consumer Product Safety Act
  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • CSPC regulations
  • Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
  • Federal Hazardous Substances Act
  • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
  • Flammable Fabrics Act
  • Medical Device Amendments
  • Motor Vehicle Safety Act
  • NHTSA regulations
  • Poison Prevention Packaging Act
  • Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act of 2000
Try Product Safety & Liability Reporter™ now.