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Safety Talks & Posters

Bloomberg BNA's Safety Posters series is a collection of bilingual (English and Spanish) posters and safety talks designed to illustrate common workplace hazards and offer tips on how to avoid them. The posters are available in a laminated, 11 X 17-inch format or an electronic (PDF) letter-sized (8.5 X 11-inch) format. The PDF-format poster is paired with a "safety talk" that presents the workplace hazard in a narrative that makes the issues clear to the worker. Each safety talk is also bilingual and available as a Microsoft Word document.

A minimum order of 5 posters is required for laminated posters. If you order 4 or fewer laminated posters, you will still be charged the minimum price of $75 ($15 X 5 posters). No minimum is required for purchases of electronic packages.

Posters are separated into categories of related hazards:

Confined Spaces

Electrical Hazards


Fall Protection

Toxic Substances