Search Tips

Overview: This is a simple search that returns documents that contain all of the words or phrases entered. Boolean (and, or, not) search capability is not provided.

Phrase Search: Use double quotation marks to specify an exact phrase. A mix of words and phrases may be searched.

Exclude Term or Phrase: Adding a hyphen (-) in front of any word or phrase (without a space) excludes search results that contain that word or phrase.

Search: carbon -trading
Results: all documents containing the word carbon and do not contain the word trading.

Wildcard characters:  

* (Asterisk) - matches any number of characters
? (Question Mark) - matches any single character per question mark

finds woman and women
pro???ion finds promotion and provision 

= (Equal Sign) - matches any single digit per equal sign

finds 604, 614, 624, etc.
8== finds 800 and 837