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Senate Democrats Seek to Boost ‘Buffett Rule' Tax Threshold

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Senate Democrats are proposing a higher threshold for applying a new minimum tax on high-income households as a way to help pay for a delay in mandatory spending cuts set to take effect in the coming days. Democrats had been seeking a new 30 percent tax that would begin to phase in on households with at least $1 million, but Democratic aides said the tax would now not fully phase in until $5 million. The so-called Buffett rule tax, named after billionaire Warren Buffett, is the largest part of the $55 billion package of new tax revenues that Senate Democrats have proposed to delay the sequester. The Democratic bill (S. 388) is expected to come to the Senate floor Feb. 28, but aides see it as unlikely to reach the 60 votes it will need to pass.

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