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Tax & Accounting

Bloomberg BNA is the foremost source of tax and accounting research, news, practice tools, and guidance for tax attorneys, CPAs, corporate tax managers, estate planners, and financial accountants. Bloomberg BNA’s comprehensive tax research service covers a wide variety of federal tax, state tax, and international tax transactions, as well as estate planning and financial accounting best practices. Bloomberg BNA’s award-winning Tax Management Portfolios are written by leading expert practitioners especially for practitioners — they uniquely offer topic-driven, in-depth guidance designed to help tax professionals achieve new levels of excellence and client service.

Bloomberg BNA's U.S. Income Portfolios Library
Get in-depth guidance for handling virtually every issue and scenario involving federal income taxation. Written by the nation’s leading federal tax authorities, the U.S. Income Portfolios Library provides a single solution for researching, planning and implementing the most effective federal tax strategies. Learn more or register for your free trial to U.S. Income Portfolios Library now.

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