BOOK is an online, interactive coursebook platform.  Designed by Professor Diana R. Donahoe with today's tech savvy student in mind, integrates trusted legal education content with interactive assessments.  Professors and students alike benefit from this powerful learning environment.

Diana R. Donahoe
Architect and Pedagogical Editor of


About the Platform is an innovative, online platform for teaching today's law students.  The platform integrates "traditional" legal content with interactive, engaging pedagogical methods, allowing professors to create a paperless classroom and meet today's students on their side of the laptops. presents a multi-media rich, three dimensional, online platform that incorporates both:

  • Traditional content, such as cases, text, legal notes, and samples that students typically read in a print casebook but are now presented in an interactive, digital format; and 
  • Study-aid materials and assessments for students to test their knowledge of the material and receive immediate feedback. 




Diana R. Donahoe, Professor of Legal Research & Writing at Georgetown University Law Center, is the architect of Her inspiration for the platform began in 2000, when she wrote an article,; Bridging the Digital Divide Between Professor and Student, 5 Va. J. L. & Tech. 12 (2000). The article creatively compared the teaching and learning preferences of law professors and their digital students. As part of her conclusions, Professor Donahoe recommended that professors create innovative platforms to meet the students on their side of the laptops. For the next six years, Professor Donahoe created the initial beta version of and tested multiple editions with her first-year law students. Since that time, has become a national and international platform for innovatively engaging students in law school teaching.

Diana R. Donahoe has become an expert in the pedagogical methods of using interactive, digital content to meet the needs of the current generation of law school students. Her experiences, articles, and expertise have made her invaluable in helping other professors learn to adapt their pedagogical methods to teach digital students. As a result, she travels the country providing presentations and roundtable discussions on the pedagogy of the platform. A author herself, she also assists other TeachingLaw authors design the content and functionality of their books to fit within the three-dimensional, interactive platform. Her editing includes designing existing content to match the pedagogical methods of the product.

Diana R. Donahoe earned her B.A. from Williams College and her J.D. and L.L.M. from Georgetown University Law Center. After graduating magna cum laude from law school, Diana served as a law clerk on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. After her clerkship, she was a Prettyman Fellow in the Georgetown Criminal Justice Clinic, where she represented criminal defendants and supervised law students in court.

Professor Donahoe is currently a Professor of Legal Research and Writing and the former Director and Chair of Legal Research & Writing at Georgetown University Law Center, where she has been teaching since 1993. Her courses have included Legal Research and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing in Practice, Applied Legal Composition, Legal Discourse, and Legal Practice. In 2008, Diana was awarded the Georgetown Frank Flegal Award for Excellence in Teaching (Teacher of the Year), in part as a result of her innovative pedagogical methods with digital students.





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