BOOK is an online, interactive coursebook platform.  Designed by Professor Diana R. Donahoe with today's tech savvy student in mind, integrates trusted legal education content with interactive assessments.  Professors and students alike benefit from this powerful learning environment.


About the Platform is an innovative, online platform for teaching today's law students.  The platform integrates "traditional" legal content with interactive, engaging pedagogical methods, allowing professors to create a paperless classroom and meet today's students on their side of the laptops. presents a multi-media rich, three dimensional, online platform that incorporates both:

  • Traditional content, such as cases, text, legal notes, and samples that students typically read in a print casebook but are now presented in an interactive, digital format; and 
  • Study-aid materials and assessments for students to test their knowledge of the material and receive immediate feedback. 




Not using Join the growing adopter network! Designed to help create a more dynamic classroom environment, gives you the ability to make effective, in-class use of electronic course materials. For a demo or to sign up for a trial, please contact your Bloomberg BNA Law School Representative or call Bloomberg BNA’s Premier Customer Support at 1-800-572-3374, option 3, Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 8:00PM ET, excluding most federal holidays.