Trademark Dilution: Federal, State and International Law, Second Edition, with 2014 Cumulative Supplement


2012/852 pp. Hardcover/Order #9527P
2014 Cumulative Supplement alone/ISBN 978-1-61746-527-7/Order #2527

Get clear guidance on the complex laws governing trademark dilution protection

Trademark Dilution: Federal, State, and International Law, Second Edition helps sort through the controversy and confusion surrounding the Trademark Dilution Revision Act (TDRA) of 2006, the ways in which the Act makes clear that the likelihood of dilution is the standard for analyzing federal dilution claims, and the complications that may arise under state law.

The Second Edition features expanded discussions and citations of federal, state, and international dilution law. It analyzes major cases including Rosetta Stone v. Google, Starbucks v. Wolfe’s Borough Coffee, Research in Motion Ltd. v. Defining Presence Marketing Group, Inc., Nike, Inc. v. Maher, and Rolex Watch U.S.A. Inc. v. AFP Imaging Corp.

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2014 Cumulative Supplement alone/ISBN 978-1-61746-527-7/Order #2527

The2014 Cumulative Supplement includes complete discussion of the Second Circuit’s opinion in Starbucks VI (Starbucks Corp. v. Wolfe’s Borough Coffee, Inc.), dismissing Starbucks’ claim against the makers of “Charbucks” blend; complete discussion of the TTAB’s latest dilution case: Chanel, Inc. v. Makarczyk; new dilution cases in the European Union; extensive discussion of Radiance Foundation v. NAACP, especially with regard to dilution exclusions and defenses; standard of appellate review in dilution cases (Second and Fourth Circuits); discussion of the possible effect of Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (laches and statutes of limitations) on dilution cases; and updates throughout, especially state law, pleading and procedure, and fame.

David S. Welkowitz is a Professor of Law at Whittier Law School, Costa Mesa, Calif.



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David S. Welkowitz
is a Professor of Law at Whittier Law School, Costa Mesa, Calif. He has taught several intellectual property courses including Trademark Law, International Intellectual Property, and Comparative Rights of Publicity.


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By David S. Welkowitz