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Wage Garnishments, California-Style

Wage Garnishments, California-Style
Product Code - PYAU01
Speaker(s): Amorette (Amy) Bryant, CPP, Garnishment Consultant and author (Complete Guide to Federal and State Garnishment)
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Every state seems to have laws which affect withholding for employee wage attachments (garnishment) that are a little unique from the federal laws or to the laws in other states. California is no exception. California has the largest population of any state (more than 37 million). That means there are more employers that must be aware of wage attachment administrative requirements as well as how much may be withheld when the employee has one or more attachments against their earnings.

  • California has unique priority requirements for attachments based on state law. Each type; support, state tax, other state debts, creditor debt, have a little different twist than in other states.  
  • California has unique garnishments such as Earnings Withholding Order for Elder or Dependent Adult Financial Abuse
  • Learn about the state withholding restrictions on income withholding for child and or spousal support. When must you remit payments to the SDU and when to the former spouse?
  • What forms does the employer have to give to the employee when an IWO or NMSN are issued?
  • What priority should be applied to medical support premiums?
  • What is the limitation on withholding for medical support premiums that employers are responsible for monitoring?
  • Other basics about support that apply; when to begin withholding, when to remit, how to remit payment, what to do when the employee terminates and more.

Franchise Tax Board

  • Think the FTB only issues orders for personal tax? Learn what other debts the FTB is responsible for collecting.
  • FTB orders do not all have the same priority, learn which are more important?
  • What earnings must be reported in the answer; current or past earnings?
  • Get out the payroll calendar, when must withholding begin?
  • And other basics, withholding limits, where and when to make payment.
  • Learn how some companies are paying electronically.

Creditor Garnishment

  • Yes, California garnishments follow the federal CCPA, but that may be changing, and there are other rules that must be followed.
  • Learn who is more important the Sheriff that served the garnishment or the plaintiff's attorney.
  • Do you have to deduct the Sheriff's fee separately?
  • Which other wage attachments require priority be changed? Hint; it is not just support.  

Federal Administrative Wage Garnishments

  • Even though garnishments for delinquent student loans issued by state guaranty agencies and federal non tax debts issued by various federal agencies, follow federal laws, it is important to understand the interaction of those attachments when the employee also has state issued wage attachments.
  • Learn what priority and aggregation laws must be applied.

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Amorette (Amy) Bryant, CPP, Garnishment Consultant and author (Complete Guide to Federal and State Garnishment)

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Amorette (Amy) Bryant, CPP, has 15 years of experience managing large payroll departments in both the private and public sectors, and 12 years of experience as a consultant .  A widely recognized authority in the area of Garnishment Administration, her background also includes: 

  • Author of the Complete Guide to Federal and State Garnishment, 2010  edition, Aspen Publishers
  • Coauthor of the  Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's The Employer's Desk Guide to Child Support.
  • Member of the APA Subcommittee for Child Support and the Subcommittee for Wage Attachments   
  • Worked with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement to design the Order/Notice to Withhold