2016 Tax Outlook

Get insights on the year ahead on the legislative, judicial and regulatory landscapes for federal, state and international tax written by the expert legal editors and reporters at Daily Tax Report, Transfer Pricing Report, Weekly State Tax Report, and Accounting Policy and Practice Report.

Bloomberg BNA’s 2016 Tax & Accounting Outlook will cover:

  • Federal Tax: Congress again talks tax reform, the IRS is forced to delay rule changes for political spending by tax exempt advocacy groups, and the Supreme Court examines state sovereignty and the business makeup of partnerships.
  • International Tax: The global push to combat tax evasion is expected to generate a flood of information this year, with treatment of the data a challenge for governments around the world and a question mark for taxpayers.
  • State Tax: States attempt to collect a sales tax from out-of-state retailers like Amazon Inc. and regulate daily fantasy sports by treating—and taxing—winnings as income.
  • Accounting: This year’s priorities for the Financial Accounting Standards Board, laid out in a Bloomberg BNA interview with Chairman Russell Golden, include issuing and implementing rules on leases, credit losses and classification and measurement of financial instruments.

This exclusive special report will provide the insights you need into 2016 tax and accounting policy.