24 Environmental Rules Trump is Rolling Back

By Marissa Horn

President Donald Trump’s deregulatory agenda has pushed at least 24 environmental regulations and policies issued during the Obama administration out of the queue.

Some have been revoked completely, while others are being replaced by less- stringent rules.

This list of Environmental Protection Agency regulations compiled by Bloomberg Environment staff will be republished periodically as Trump introduces, rescinds, or overturns regulations and policies.


  •  Requirement for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions leaks | Story
  •  Policy that limits toxic emissions from industrial facilities | Story
  •  Rule that restricts the use of hydrofluorocarbons as replacements for ozone-depleting compounds | Story
In Process
  •  Proposed repeal of Clean Power Plan, which would have imposed the first carbon dioxide limits on power plants. A replacement plan has been proposed | Story
  •  Reviewing standards for limiting carbon dioxide emissions from new, modified, and reconstructed power plants | Story
  •  Reviewing missions rules for power plant startups, shutdowns, and malfunctions | Story
  •  Revised rules to allow methane leaks to go unrepaired during unscheduled or emergency shutdowns at oil and gas facilities and control guidelines on volatile organic compound emissions from oil and gas operations | Story
  •  Paused rules aimed at cutting landfill methane emissions | Story
  •  Reviewing permitting programs for air-polluting plants | Story
  •  Updating rule that would reduce air pollution in national parks and wilderness areas | Story
  •  Proposed changes to rules about how refineries monitor pollution in surrounding communities | Story
  •  Changes to fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks made between 2020 and 2026 have been introduced | Story
  •  Proposed repeal of portions of greenhouse gas limits for trucks| Story

In Process

  •  Repealed and working to replace Waters of the U.S., also known as WOTUS, which clarifies what waters are covered by the Clean Water Act | Story
  •  Delayed rule regulating toxic discharges from power plants into public waterways by two years | Story
  •  Proposed rule rolling back groundwater protections for certain uranium mines


  •  Narrowed scope of a federal law requiring safety assessments for potentially toxic chemicals | Story
  •  Removed copper filter cake from the “hazardous waste” list
In Process
  •  Proposed removing programs that limit children’s exposure to lead paint | Story
  •  Proposed changes to rule aimed at improving safety at facilities that use hazardous chemicals | Story


  •  Proposed rule directing mines to prove they can pay to clean up future pollution | Story
  •  Federal rules regulating coal ash waste from power plants. States were granted oversight of the waste Story
In Process
  •  Proposed limiting the studies used by the EPA for rulemaking to only those that make data publicly available | Story
  •  Changing the way cost-benefit analyses are conducted under the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, among other environmental regulations | Story

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