The definitive resource for HR and Financial Department managers looking to run the best plan for their company. The monthly newsletter keeps 401(k) plan managers abreast of changes in the laws and many regulations governing 401(k) plans.

Reduce plan costs

Reduce plan costs, help participants with rollovers, reduce plan loans, improve participant asset allocation, and minimize your fiduciary risk.

401(k) Liability Insurance

Determine if you have sufficient 401(k) liability insurance and build a bridge between participant wants and plan design.

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Case Studies

Case studies for communicating plans with employees, passing anti-discrimination tests, selecting and monitoring investment funds, increasing plan enrollment, and understanding and managing plan fees.



Current reports providing news and developments.

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Managing 401(k) Plans™ is issued monthly.


Sent monthly to keep you updated on late-breaking regulatory and compliance news, best practice ideas, and links to dozens of new programs and services.