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Built on the foundation of the Tax Management Portfolios™,Bloomberg Law: Tax is a comprehensive tax research solution designed by tax attorneys for tax attorneys. An easy-to-use interface and improved search deliver the fastest and easiest access to the expert analysis, in-depth news, extensive primary source material, and full range of practitioner-developed tools only available from Bloomberg BNA. With Bloomberg Law: Tax, you spend less time researching and more time adding value to your clients.



"I was very impressed with its ease and functionality. I was able to get to the right answer to my research questions expediently - it was almost as if the platform knew what I was looking for on each search. The interface was extremely intuitive. Bloomberg Law: Tax saved me a lot of time."

Kyle Knas from Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee, PLLC


The Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios™ are the definitive source for in-depth analysis of specific tax topics, each written by one of the pre-eminent practitioners in the respective topic area. Get insightful, expert analysis from leading tax authorities for developing and implementing complex tax strategies and providing exceptional guidance to your clients.


Never miss or misunderstand a major tax development. With robust news coverage, you will be among the first to know about breaking news and key developments — and understand their impact, with commentary and ongoing discussions through Bloomberg BNA’s unrivaled journals and reports such as the renowned flagship daily news service, Daily Tax Report®



Increase productivity and efficiency by using Bloomberg BNA’s proven, exclusively developed timesaving practice aids including forms, letters, transactional diagrams, elections and compliance statements, and tax prep guides. 

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Go straight to all the primary sources you need to stay compliant. From Internal Revenue Codes dating back to 1913, regulations and procedures, to state laws, federal cases and international tax treatises, our collection of primary sources are fully accessible and fully integrated with the Tax Management Portfolios, Chartbuilders, commentary, and analysis.


Take your tax research to the next level with Bloomberg Law: Tax. Our next generation platform combines advances in tax-intelligent technology and the expert analysis and practical guidance you've come to rely upon from Bloomberg BNA. All designed with thousands of hours of testing and feedback from tax attorneys.


Spend less time researching and more time gaining and retaining clients with a practitioner-tested and approved user-friendly platform that allows you to start your research in multiple ways, access related content with one-click, and view documents in an easy-to-read format.


Access BNA Picks for a shortcut to related Tax Management Portfoliostm, Code sections, regulations, Fast Answerstm, news, and more, all expertly curated related content by Bloomberg BNA Legal Tax Editors.


Built on the foundation of the Tax Management Portfoliostm,Bloomberg Law: Tax is a comprehensive tax research solution.

  • Federal Tax Forms
  • Federal Tax Calendar
  • Tax Prep Guides
  • Tax Calculators
  • Transactional Diagrams
  • Elections and Compliance Statements
  • Quick Tax Reference Guide
  • Tables, Charts, Lists

Chart Builders
Chart builders enable customizable, at-a-glance comparisons of tax topics across states, with detailed information and summaries.

  • Corporate Income Tax Chart Builder
  • Estates, Gifts and Trusts Tax Chart Builder
  • Excise Tax Chart Builder
  • Individual Income Tax Chart Builder
  • Green Incentives Chart Builder
  • Property Tax Chart Builder
  • Sales & Use Tax Chart Builder
  • IRC Conformity Tax Chart Builder

Additional Time-Saving Practice Aids

  • Corporate Income Tax Nexus
  • Sales Income Tax Sourcing Tool
  • Sales & Use Tax Rate Finder
  • Compare States
  • State Tax Nexus Tool
  • Sales & Use Tax Forms
  • Trust Nexus Tool
  • Working Papers (sample plans, documents, and more)


  • Internal Revenue Code and archives back to 1913
  • Treasury Regulations
  • Treasury Decision Preambles
  • Tax Legislation
  • Circular 230
  • State Tax Legislation
  • State Supreme Course Cases
  • State Lower Court Cases
  • State Tax Rulings & Other Official Material
  • State Tax Constitutions


  • Revenue Rulings
  • Revenue Procedures
  • Notices
  • Announcements
  • Private Letter Rulings
  • Technical Advice Memoranda 


  • Federal Cases
  • U.S. Tax Court Rules
  • U.S. Court of Federal Claims Rules


  • Daily Tax Report®
  • Tax Management Weekly Report
  • IRS Practice Adviser Report
  • Tax Management Memorandum
  • Compensation  Planning Journal
  • Estates, Gifts & Trusts Journal
  • Real Estate Journal
  • BNA Insights
  • Accounting for Income Taxes Monitor
  • Transfer Pricing Report
  • Transfer Pricing Forum
  • Weekly State Tax Report
  • Sales & Use Tax Monitor
  • State Tax Developments Trackersm
  • Green Incentives Monitor






The Tax Management Portfolios™ are written by leading tax practitioners and cover virtually every tax topic with deep analysis, real world examples, working papers, and the perspectives you need to make informed decisions you can’t get anywhere else . 

U.S. Income – more than 200 Tax Management Portfolios™ provide practical analysis for developing and implementing complex federal tax strategies and working through problems that arise.

Estates, Gifts & Trusts – nearly 100 Tax Management Portfolios™ provide in-depth analysis and unparalleled 

Foreign Income – Nearly 100 Tax Management Portfolios™ provide practical analysis in virtually any scenario involving U.S. taxation of cross-border transactions — from foreign tax credits and branch profits tax to foreign partners and partnerships and Subpart F Corporations.

State Tax – more than 75 Tax Management Portfolios™ provide practical analysis for developing and implementing complex state and multistate tax strategies.

Accounting for Income Taxes – in-depth analysis of specific accounting issues and special reports written by outside practitioners provide insight and practical guidance.

Transfer Pricing – expertly-written Tax Management Portfolios™ covering transfer pricing rules of the U.S. and select countries. In addition to the United States, countries covered include: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the OECD, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.




  • Practising Law Institute -  covering the areas of Corporate and Partnership tax, as well as International, Estate Planning, and Practice & Procedure issues.
  • Getting The Deal Through – concise country-specific explanations of important legal and regulatory matters for international transactions. Article titles include Tax Controversy and Tax on Inbound.
  • BCITESM – a proprietary case citator that provides detailed analysis and updated information on tax cases, relevant court opinions, strength of authority, and the judicial history of a case to ensure it remains good law.New! Now included on Agency Documents.
  • Tax Practice Series - expert-written chapters covering virtually every taxation topic, from gross income and deductions to S Corporations, exempt organizations, and foreign taxation.
  • U.S. Tax Overview
  • Federal Excise Tax - provides detailed information about Federal excise tax laws, including Definitions, Tax Rates, Due Dates, Penalties, and much more.
  • Health Care Reform Adviser – provides expert analysis on various tax issues impacting companies, employees, and individuals due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • IRS Practice Adviser – A comprehensive guide to dealing with the IRS and covers IRS procedure from the first stages of an examination through the appeals process and tax collection.
  • Taxation of Exchange Traded Options – provides expert analysis on the rules governing the tax treatment of Exchange-Traded Options
  • Federal Tax Guide – this exclusive Guide is a true desk reference publication — featuring succinct explanations of the law, quick reference charts and tables, as well as multiple indexes, allowing you to quickly access the tax information you need.



  • U.S. Federal Tax
  • State tax topics and tax types for all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • International Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Estates, Gifts and Trusts Tax



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