Dual Consolidated Losses - San Francisco

San Francisco, CA
December 14 - 15, 2016

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This two-day seminar will educate tax advisors and industry groups on ways to avoid traps for the unwary in the post-BEPS world, targeting perceived abuses in cross-border “double-dipping” of losses.   

This seminar will also provide a technical analysis of the U.S. federal income tax impact of foreign hybrid entities (i.e., transparent for U.S. tax purposes but treated as corporations for foreign tax purposes), or “permanent establishments” in treaty countries, generating NOLs.


The seminar is designed for industry groups engaged in cross-border transactions, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, accountants and tax advisors dealing with MNCs and managing their tax attributes, and in-house tax counsel engaged in cross-border acquisitions. 



8:30 AM  Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM  Introduction to DCLs & Basic Definitions
• Relevance of Topic in Cross-Border Transactions
• Structures Generating Losses
• DRCs; DCLs
• NOL (i.e., §172(c)) Framework
• Historic Background: U.K.-U.S. Cross-Border Context (De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. v Howe 5 TC 213)
• Tax Arbitrage Illustrations (DRC/Non-Dual Resident; Canadian “Tower Financing”)
• Pre, Post-2007 DCL Regs.
• 2007 Final Regs. Taxpayer Friendly

10:15 AM  Coffee Break

10:30 AM  Foreign Use: Limitations & Exceptions
• Foreign Use
• Deemed Foreign Use
• No Possibility of Foreign Use Exception
• Domestic Use Election (DUE)
• DUE Exception to the Exception: AM 2011-002 Associate Chief Counsel (International) (ACCI): Impact on Insurance Industry
• SRLY Cumulative Register Concept
• Hybrid Securities (repos) Per Se Limitation

11:15 AM  Partnership Issues
• General Check-The-Box Issues
• DCLs of Non-Hybrid Partnerships
• AM 2007-003 (June 25, 2008): Hybrid Partnerships and SUs.
• Partnerships “c”(4) Exception
• Joint Ventures
• Special Allocations Issues
• No Possibility of Foreign Use Exceptions

12:00 PM  Luncheon

12:45 PM  Elimination of a DCL
• Section 332, 381, 368(a)(1)(A), (C), (D), (F), (G)
• Denial of Carryover and Elimination of DCLs
• Cessation of SU
• “Safe Harbors”
• Affirmative Planning with Foreign Partnerships
• Planning with Intercompany Payments
• Avoiding § 382 and SRLY limitations with tax-free reorganization or liquidation
• PLR 2013-42-004
• CCA 20155

1:45 PM  Tainted Income Issues
• Anti-Stuffing Provisions
• Assets Acquired in Non-Recognition Transactions, Contribution of Capital
• 3-Year Rule Presumption
• Current Year Taxable Income/Fraction Presumption
• Disposition of Tainted Assets

2:30 PM   Triggering Events: Recapture & Rebuttal
• Amount of Recapture
• Treatment of Recapture Income
• Failure to Comply with Recapture Rules
• Foreign use of the DCL
• Disaffiliation
• Affiliation with a Consolidated Group
• Sale or other disposition of 50% or more of the DRC or SU
• Exceptions

3:45 PM  Coffee Break

4:00 PM  IRS Audit Practice: DCL Practice Unit 12/15/2014
• IRM (a)-(e) information
• Audit Roadmap:
• Form 1120, Schedule N, Form 5471, Form 8832, Form 8858, 8865
 o Cross-Check Forms 8832, Form 8858 or Form 8865
 o Audit Triggers: Form 8858 (rev. Dec. 2013), Schedule G, Questions 4 and/or 5 indicates SU has a DCL; (ii) Form 8858 (rev. Dec. 2013) at Schedule H, Line 7 current negative E&Ps in U.S. dollars; (iii) Income Statement of DRC or SU loss
 o Traps for the Unwary; No Affirmative Planning Use of DCLs

5:00 PM  Seminar Adjourns for the Day


8:30 AM  Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM  Domestic Use: Limitations & Exceptions
• Anti-Double Dipping Rationale: ETR Reduction
• Definition of Domestic Use
• Domestic Affiliate
• Domestic Owner
• Separate Unit (SU)
• SRLY Restrictions
• Exceptions:
• Bilateral Elective Agreement (BEA)(i.e., UK)
• No Possibility of Foreign Use (NPFU)
• Domestic Use Election (DUE); Reg. § 1.1503(d)-6(a)(1)
• Ordering Rules
• “Mirror Legislation” of Foreign Country

10:15 AM  Coffee Break

10:30 AM  Accounting for DCLs
• Computation of DRCs income, gain, NOLs
• DRC Computation of Income on “segregated” basis, including section 338
• Capital loss of DRC, carryover, carryback losses, items of income, gain, deduction, and loss attributable to a SU or an interest in a transparent entity
• ASC 740 Issues:
 o E&Ps, tax pools, basis, foreign tax credit (FTC); Section 987 modifications
 o Section 381 limitation/carryover restrictions, DCLs, OFLs
• Income Tax Provision:
 o Financial statement impact (i.e., ETR); DCL recapture pick-up and interest-charge (i.e., DTA-DTL); GAAP translation issues
 o DCL recapture and MLT assumptions
 o ASC 740-10-25-3(a)(APB Opinion No. 23)
 o ASC 740-30 (foreign subsidiaries and foreign corporate JV); “permanent reinvestment exception”, or “reversal” assertion?

11:45 AM  Q&A

12:00 PM  Seminar Concludes



December 14 & 15, 2016


Morgan Lewis Conference Center
1 Market Street, Spear Street Tower
San Francisco, CA 94111    

Hotel accommodations are at your own discretion. We suggest the following:

Hyatt Regency – Tel: 415.788.1234
5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA

Westin San Francisco – Tel: 415.974.6400
50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA

Harbor Court Hotel – Tel:866.792.6283
165 Steuart Street, San Francisco, CA


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