Union Membership & Earnings Data Book: Compilations from the Current Population Survey

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Authored by Barry T. Hirsch, Georgia State University, W.J. Usery Chair of the American Workplace, and David A. Macpherson, Trinity University, Department of Economics

2016 Edition.

A revealing and detailed resource for researchers, labor unions, consultants, government agencies, and policy analysts.

Compiled from the Census Bureau's monthly household survey, the Data Book includes easy-to-read tables, current and historical figures for union membership, as well as earnings for union and nonunion workers. This compilation–not available elsewhere–brings a wide assortment of data into convenient tables.

Information from the data book is regularly included in the Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States.

Use the Data Book to:

  • Research earnings data for a specific occupation by state or metropolitan area
  • Analyze weekly earnings by age or race for full-time workers by geographic area

The Data Book comes with the Additional Earnings and Union Membership Data report from Bloomberg BNA, which includes BLS wage survey by occupation; AFL-CIO membership; and additional at-a-glance membership data by industry and state.

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