IP Tech & Telecom Practice Center


The IP Tech & Telecom Practice Center provides a comprehensive IP practitioners’ toolkit including a range of practice tools, primary sources, secondary analysis, and news. 

How To Use The Practice Center

The Practice Center is organized by practice areas: Patents, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Tech & Telecom.  You can use each of the practice area tabs on the left-hand side to easily navigate to all the resources relevant to your practice needs.  

Each practice area tab includes links to numerous practice-relevant searches and resources, as well as specialized Practice Pages, which are streamlined to the specific needs of practice specialties within each larger practice area.


Additionally, Books & Treatises are also organized by practice areas.

Practice Pages

Practice Pages are focused on the specialized needs of practitioners.  These pages provide customized selections of multiple practice tools, editorially crafted specialized docket and case law searches, and curated sets of treatises, Portfolios, statutes and regulations.  Use these pages to quickly hone in on the tools, secondary analysis, and primary content most useful to your practice specialty.


Practice Pages
Practice Tools

Use the Practice Tools tab on the left-hand side to begin using the Patent Search, or any of the following Tracker tools:

  • Hatch-Waxman Tracker
  • IP Legislative Tracker
  • IP Regulatory Tracker
  • Supreme Court IP Tracker
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Tracker

Practice Tools

You can also access additional practice tools on the Practice Pages

In Focus

In Focus pages are practice pages focused on the most important IP issues of the day.  These pages provide editorially crafted searches, and curated sets of case law, dockets, treatises, statutes, and regulations relevant to the topic.

Use these pages to dig into analysis and primary content relevant to the most newsworthy IP issues. 


In Focus
Books & Treatises

The Books & Treatises section is also organized into practice specialties.  Use this tab to find treatise by your practice needs.  


Additional Practice Page Features
  • Searches tailored to the specific needs of specialized practitioners help you get directly to the most relevant case law and dockets.
  • Practice Pages provide unique selections of practice tools and content tailored to the needs of different types of practitioners, including those with sectoral focus.
  • In some cases, as with the Corporate IP Counsel page, Practice Pages reflect the unique needs of practitioners whose roles fall outside of, or cut across traditional practice area definitions.
  • Each Practice Page provides an editorially curated selection of relevant statutory and regulatory content, and key treatises from among Bloomberg Law’s 70+ Intellectual Property treatises.