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Bloomberg BNA gives you the power to find crucial labor relations facts quickly. Bring our proven intelligence to the bargaining table and strengthen your strategic planning with these resources that keep you up to date on negotiating and bargaining perspectives, substantive analyses, recent trends, and key insights into labor relations today.

Employer Bargaining Objectives

Whether you're representing labor or management, Employer Bargaining Objectives gives you a head start in negotiations. Thousands of labor-relations managers turn to this well-respected survey report for substantive analysis, summaries of recent trends, and key insights.

Included in the report are: analysis of major trends covering traditional and emerging bargaining issues, results broken out by major employment sector and bargaining unit size, a crisp report summary and individual chapter overviews, more than 20 easy-to-read charts and tables and invaluable analysis, insight, and perspective on both the survey findings and the collective bargaining landscape. Format: Print

NLRB Election Statistics

This twice-yearly report includes an executive summary and tables summarizing election results by major union affiliation, industry, bargaining unit, size, and state. The text and tables are based on election results from the National Labor Relations Board headquarters and regional offices. Format: Print

Source Book on Collective Bargaining:Wages, Benefits, and Other Contract Issues

This quick, easy-to-use reference provides a wealth of current and historical statistics, including negotiated wage increases; employee benefit costs; CPI tables and other economic releases; and union membership and wage data. Learn about major contracts expiring in the current year, employer bargaining objectives, significant NLRB and court decisions, and more.

Updates to selected information from the Source Book on Collective Bargainingwill be sent quarterly via e-mail, including: Calendar of Wage Negotiations report, Wages & Benefits report, and Wage Trend Indicator report. Format: Print

Union Membership and Earnings Data Book:Compilations from the Current Population Survey

This data book brings you key information not available elsewhere, including data on employee earnings and unionization from the Census Bureau's monthly household survey. This data is broken down by state and major metropolitan area, public versus private sector, manufacturing versus non-manufacturing workers, industry, occupation, and demographic group.

Rely on this resource to analyze earnings, employment, and union membership at national, state, and metropolitan levels, anticipate trends in union membership, and compare current earnings with historical figures converted to current dollars. A supplement, Additional Earnings and Union Membership Data, provides further information. Format: Print

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