White Paper: The Business of a Low-Carbon Future: Spotlight on Canada

White Paper: The Business of a Low-Carbon Future: Spotlight on Canada

As governments develop and enact wide-ranging policies and regulations to meet key emissions and finance goals by 2030, businesses across the globe are stepping up to the challenge and taking a leadership role in reducing GHG emissions. 

Topics covered include:

  • The Drive to Zero Emissions
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Green Transportation
  • Changing Consumer Behaviour 

Content in this white paper was informed by expert discussions at the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit: Toronto. The summit marks the start of a two-year series of TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogues, which will convene leaders across Canada for a series of conversations on major issues impacting sustainability in business. 



White Paper: Seizing the Opportunity – How Industry Can Lead a New Era of Sustainable Development

Just a few years ago, if an investor had asked most if sustainable investments were a good idea, the answer would likely have been: They’re nice in theory but typically generate a lower return on investment.

Those old assumptions are gradually changing. From mainstream industries like oil and gas to car manufacturers and multinational retail chain superstores, sustainability is steadily becoming good for business.

Download Bloomberg's sustainable business white paper to learn about topics such as:

  • A Surprising New Outlook on Sustainable Business
  • The Opportunity to Lead Is Now
  • Corporate Standouts in a Lagging Field
  • Starting the Conversation

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