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Authored by members of the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section

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Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey
Developing Labor Law, The
Discipline and Discharge in Arbitration
Elkouri and Elkouri: How Arbitration Works
Employee Benefits Law
Employee Duty of Loyalty: A State-by-State Survey
Employment Discrimination Law
Fair Labor Standards Act, The
Family and Medical Leave Act, The
How to Take a Case Before The NLRB
How ADR Works
International Labor and Employment Laws, Volume I
International Labor and Employment Laws, Volume II
Labor Arbitration: A Practical Guide for Advocates
Labor Arbitration: Cases & Materials for Advocates
Labor Arbitrator Development: A Handbook
Labor Union Law and Regulation
Occupational Safety and Health Law
Railway Labor Act, The
Tortious Interference: A State-By-State Survey
Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey
Wage and Hour Laws: A State-By-State Survey
Workplace Data: Law and Litigation

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