Actor Mark Ruffalo Called Out by Drinking Water Crusader Over Flint

flint water tower

Drinking water expert Marc Edwards, who played a crucial role in bringing to light the water crisis in Flint, Mich., wants actor Mark Ruffalo to stay out of science.

As a reminder: The roughly 100,000 Flint residents have been in the national spotlight since high levels of lead were found to have contaminated their drinking water for more than a year.

Edwards on Monday called Ruffalo an “A-List Actor But F-List Scientist,” shaming the actor and his founded-Water Defense group for insinuating that it may be dangerous to bathe in Flint because of corroding pipes.

Edwards said:

“Amidst the heightened fears of water safety in Flint and the State of Michigan, there has now been a spike in gastrointestinal illness predominantly among school age children—the most common cause for this problem, by far, is a lack of proper bathing, showering and hand washing. Clearly, false and unsubstantiated claims about water safety, can hurt innocent people, just like shouting ‘Fire’ in a crowded movie theatre.

“Mr. Ruffalo and Water Defense should be ashamed of themselves. Flint residents currently need funding and moral support—not pseudoscience and false alarms.”

Ruffalo’s group didn’t respond to a request to comment about the issue.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it is safe to bathe in Flint. The agency is still urging residents not to drink unfiltered water.

For a re-cap on the situation in Flint, check out Bloomberg BNA’s one-page explainer.