Adding a Note to Your Workspace

You can easily add memos or reminders to any workspace with the Add Note feature. Anyone who has access to a workspace can add new notes or read and comment on others' notes.

  1. From the top Bloomberg Law Menu, click Workspaces, and then select a workspace.
  2. Click the Add Note link.
  3. The Add Note dialog appears.
  4. Fill in the fields.
  5. Click Add Note.
  6. The Note appears at the top of your Resources list and in your filter Type, as shown below.

Once you are within a Workspace you can manage it by adding notes, uploading files, and using tags to manage files that have been added to a workspace. You will receive brief popup notifications about activity of other workspace members when they invite new members, remove members, add notes, add tags, save searches, and upload documents. You will not receive these notifications for your own activity, but other members will.