Bloomberg Law’s Administrative Law, Third Series is a multivolume loose-leaf service, updated monthly, that covers virtually every aspect of procedural administrative law such as the Administrative Procedure Act, FOIA, Privacy Act, and EAJA.

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Our network of reporters, editors and correspondents deliver the most comprehensive in-depth coverage of nearly every element of procedural law, including coverage of the important and unusual decisions on all significant points of procedural agency law.

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Benefit from expert analysis of developing trends in the law and a thorough overview of positions of federal agencies.

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Quickly get the information you need. Administrative Law offers a Digest system, which provides a topical overview of subject matter. This service includes the Desk Book that covers key statutes, legislative history, implementation memoranda and agency rules, the 12-page newsletter, the AdLaw Bulletin, and provides case highlights and stories on agency and legislative developments.


Formats and Frequency

Updated monthly.