Alexei Alexis


Alexei Alexis is an e-commerce/privacy reporter for Bloomberg BNA’s Daily Report for Executives™, a comprehensive source of news and analysis on legislative, regulatory, and legal developments impacting a wide range of U.S. industries.  He has focused on these issues for over a decade and has written extensively on some of Washington’s most hotly-debated Internet topics, including cybersecurity, online behavioral advertising, and government surveillance of Web users.  His coverage also includes virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. 

Recent issues he has covered include data breaches at major retailers, National Security Agency surveillance programs, the U.S. government’s implementation of a new cybersecurity “framework” for the private sector, and a growing privacy debate over “big data.”  

In addition to speaking directly with key decision-makers in Washington and reporting breaking news items, Alexis frequently talks with leading attorneys, lobbyists, and other experts in the field to deliver in-depth coverage of the issues.  

Alexis began his career at Bloomberg BNA in 2000 as an editor of publications focused on affirmative action and equal employment opportunity compliance.  Prior to that, he was an editor at LRP Publications. 

Alexis has a B.A. in English from Howard University.