Alteration of Terrain Permits

Latest Developments…

    Under New Hampshire law, anyone proposing to significantly alter terrain in or on the border of a surface water body in a way that impedes or increases the flow of runoff must obtain authorization from the Department of Environmental Services. These alterations include dredging, excavating, mining, placing of fill, or transporting forest products. Some projects, such as trench digging for water, sewer, or gas lines, are permitted by rule. Timber harvesting also is permitted by rule.
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Did you know…?
    The federal Environmental Protection Agency's 1993 Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Nonpoint Pollution in Coastal Waters provides 15 management measures and supporting best management practices to control urban nonpoint source pollution. These include limiting land disturbance activities, such as clearing and grading; cut and fill to reduce erosion and sediment loss; and limiting disturbance of natural drainage features and vegetation.
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