Amazon Tells ICANN to Hurry Up and Approve .Amazon

amazonpic Inc. doesn’t want to wait any longer to operate the .amazon internet domain.

Amazon is asking the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers board to “immediately approve” its application, following an independent review panel decision ordering ICANN to reevaluate it.  No well-founded public policy reasons exist to reject the application and the board should “respect the IRP Panel conclusions,” Amazon Vice Presidents Scott Hayden and Brian Huseman wrote in a Sept. 7 letter to ICANN Board Chairman Steve Crocker.

Amazon applied for the domain over five years ago. The ICANN board denied its application in 2014 based on consensus advice from government advisors.  Amazon has been fighting for the domain ever since.  

An ICANN spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a Bloomberg BNA request for comment.

Representatives from Brazil and Peru, leading opponents of Amazon’s application, have argued that the name “amazon” has strong geographic ties to the Amazon biome. But those countries have failed to provide “legally and factually sound reasons” why ICANN should deny the e-commerce giant’s application, Hayden and Huseman wrote.

Rejection of the application after receiving “perfect application evaluation scores will undoubtedly be used by those stakeholders who were (and are) skeptical of ICANN’s ability to remain independent of governmental overreach to question and challenge ICANN’s ongoing legitimacy,” they wrote.