Amazon, Verizon Among Latest Companies Backing White House Climate Pledge


Resized Amazon

Tech giants, food makers, automobile and airline companies, media behemoths and major manufacturers are all among the latest group of corporations urging strong action to combat climate change. And they’re ready to put money where their mouths are.

One hundred fifty-four companies, representing a combined market capitalization of $7 trillion and employing nearly 11 million people, are now signed onto the White House’s climate pledge urging a strong climate change agreement in Paris and pledging company-specific initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints.

The list of the 73 new signatories, announced by the White House, reads like a who’s who of the business community. New supporters of the pledge range from media giant 21st Century Fox to engineering firm CH2M to health-care provider Kaiser Permanente to tech upstart AirBnb.

Others new signatories to the pledge include:

  •  Kohl’s Department Stores,
  • JetBlue,
  • Amazon,
  • LinkedIn,
  • MGM Resorts,
  • Dupont,
  • News Corp,
  • Rio Tinto,
  • Staples, and
  • Verizon.

Eighty-one major corporations announced their support for climate action back in October following a meeting with President Obama and a summit at the White House. Support for an agreement in Paris has been steadily building among various members of the business community throughout the year.