Announcing BNA Books’ “The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: A Guide for Plaintiff Employment Lawyers”

Arlington, Va., June 2011— BNA Books, a division of specialized news and information publisher BNA, announced today the publication of The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: A Guide for Plaintiff Employment Lawyers, a detailed examination of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and the established and cutting-edge litigation issues arising under it, with practice pointers for plaintiffs.

Pregnancy discrimination litigation has seen a sharp increase in recent years. With pregnancy-related cases now making up a growing portion of the case load of plaintiff employment lawyers and with the many cutting-edge issues unique to these cases, a resource is needed that expertly analyzes this area of the law. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: A Guide for Plaintiff Employment Lawyers is the only treatise available that meets this demand, providing the unique strategies and guidance on pregnancy discrimination litigation that plaintiff lawyers require to effectively represent their clients in PDA cases.

This treatise covers essential topics including: Supreme Court cases related to pregnancy discrimination; cases regarding whether a condition is sufficiently related to pregnancy such that the PDA is applicable; circumstantial proof of pregnancy discrimination including proximity in time; proof of employer’s knowledge of employee’s pregnancy; discriminatory comments and stereotypes related to family caregiver responsibilities; the requirement that PDA plaintiffs be compared to nonpregnant, temporarily disabled employees and the numerous exceptions to the requirement to use such comparator evidence; unique aspects of comparators in PDA cases; light-duty policies and comparisons to nonpregnant employees with work-related injuries; accommodation of pregnant workers under the PDA and under other statutes such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act for pregnancy-related disorders; female decision makers; discrimination based on the unwed status of pregnant employees; issues regarding jury instructions and jury selection in PDA cases; state law pregnancy discrimination claims; damages issues in PDA cases; and much more.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: A Guide for Plaintiff Employment Lawyers was authored by P. Daniel Williams, a founding partner of Magid & Williams, a firm that specializes in labor and employment law. Mr. Williams has practiced labor and employment law since 1994 and lectures and writes on employment law topics at continuing legal education seminars.