Anthony Nitsos


Ann Arbor, MI

Partner in charge of client engagements primarily solving revenue growth and financial restructuring issues.

Major issues encountered:
The complexity of interstate sales tax and income tax nexus is increasing over time, rather than the opposite. This presents ongoing compliance and cost challenges that must be accurately addressed.

Years as a Bloomberg BNA subscriber:
One Year

Bloomberg BNA products most often used:
State Income and Sales Tax Nexus Tools

Real Problems. Real Solutions.
Many of our clients have multistate footprints when it comes to the sales of their products or services. If we had to engage an attorney to evaluate each state for income or sales tax nexus, it would be very cost prohibitive.

For example, one client of ours does extensive resale business across multiple states every year. Their tax nexus issues have major implications for their compliance as well as their tax planning. That requires a huge amount of accurate cross-state analysis. We have to get it right.

The Bloomberg BNA State Tax Nexus Tools are fast, convenient, comprehensive, and gets us the answers we need without the $500-an-hour legal price tag.