Anticipation for TSCA Revamp Growing

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(Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg)

A 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on an EPA regulation setting limits on mercury pollution could “impose unintended requirements” complicating the ability to regulate toxic chemicals, if congressional reform legislation is enacted as currently written, legal experts say in a letter to lawmakers.

Bloomberg BNA’s Anthony Adragna reports the news in Mercury Case Has Implications for TSCA Revamp: Attorneys.

Anticipation is mounting for a revamped Toxic Substances Control Act, and that letter is the latest twist in the story. Meanwhile, the House and Senate are hammering out differences in their bills to update TSCA.

Both measures would update the core chemical regulatory provision of TSCA, which hasn't been revised since it became law in 1976.

Bloomberg BNA’s Pat Rizzuto recently reported that the EPA prefers the clarity of the chemical safety standard provided in the Senate's bill to update TSCA compared to the uncertainty that could be created by the different standards that could be set under the House's TSCA modernization bill.

But the EPA prefers the House approach to implementing new legislation should it become law, according to a letter the agency’s administrator sent members of Congress.

Pat tells the story in EPA Voices Preferences on TSCA Overhaul Bills.