Anti-Porn Push at Federal Agencies Enters Latest Chapter


Republican lawmakers are sick and tired that some federal employees are watching pornography at work on the taxpayer’s dime. So they’re launching a formal push to get language prohibiting the adult conduct added to all future spending bills.

Six Republican House members, led by Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.), sent a letter to the top Republican and Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee March 17, urging them to explicitly bar the viewing of pornography on government computers going forward in the appropriations process. They said the spending package for fiscal year 2016 included that prohibition in some sections of the text, but did not include some entities with previous problems of pornography viewing like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department.

“Unless necessary as part of a criminal investigation, prosecution or adjudication, federal employees should not be able to view, download or exchange pornography on the taxpayers’ dime,” the congressmen wrote.

Among the signatories was Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who has several times before introduced a bill barring the use of federal computers to access pornography.

That legislation came after the EPA acknowledged a senior employee had spent two to six hours watching pornography at work daily and downloaded more than 7,000 explicit files to shared servers.

Ironically, Jones set up a Twitter poll (Note from Anthony, here's the link: Ten percent of respondents said yes, and 2 percent said they were unsure.