April 2016

Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions Enhanced User Interface

Since we launched Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions one year ago, we’ve made significant investments in our complete solution for transactional lawyers. In early April, you will notice a new user interface that helps you more quickly find the tools and resources you need to draft market-tested agreements, research transaction issues, and understand the market so you can get the best terms for your clients. The new interface provides “above-the-fold,” access to the most essential resources on the platform and task-based navigation that will help you quickly find what you need. In addition to these improvements, we have also enhanced our:

  • Deal Analytics tool with even more curated transactional terms across both private and public M&A deals and equity offerings transactions. 
  • In Practice Guidance with more step-by-step practical guidance including additional drafting and negotiating guides and checklists. 


For more information on what you can expect, view this video: