Arizona Passes Bill Preempting Municipal Non-Wage Mandates

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By Tripp Baltz

May 9 — The Arizona Legislature has passed a bill (H.B. 2579) that would bar cities, towns and other municipalities from imposing non-wage compensation requirements on private employers.

The measure, which says the regulation of certain employee benefits is a matter of statewide concern, would effectively preempt cities, towns and counties from regulating paid and unpaid leave, retirement and pension plans, meal breaks and rest periods, and other benefits.

The House approved the bill 34-20 May 6 and sent it to Gov. Doug Ducey (R), who is expected to sign it. The Senate approved it 18-11 April 11.

The bill was approved as two cities in Arizona in addition to other local governments around the country are mulling requirements on private employers to provide certain employee benefits such as paid parental leave and minimum standards for sick leave. The Arizona bill exempts employee benefits that cities, towns and other political subdivisions provide to their own employees.

The bill had the backing of the Arizona Restaurant Association and the Arizona Retailers Association.

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