Asma Hameed Khan

Senior Associate
Asma Hameed Khan

Asma Hameed Khan earned a Bachelor's degree in law (LL.B.) and a Master's degree in Political science. Following her education, she started her practice as an intern in 2007, and then joined one of the oldest corporate law firms in Pakistan, Surridgr & Beecheno, in 2008. She was also enrolled as an Advocate of High Court and is a member of the Lahore Bar Association, Punjab Bar Association, and High Court Bar Association. Asma is also a fellow of University of Oregon, USA.

Asma has a broad-based business-transactional practice focusing on complex corporate matters, with an emphasis on cross-border transactions. Her experience extends to joint venture transactions, international acquisitions, multijurisdictional corporate reorganizations and international franchising and distribution transactions. Asma has also specialized in Intellectual Property Laws and has several years of experience across the full range of commercial and contentious intellectual property matters, with a particular focus on franchising. Further, she also advises leading international law firms on various labor and tax law issues and also assists her senior partner in litigation as well.

In addition, Asma has written many articles which have been published in various national and international journals. She has spoken at many conferences related to mediation and also represented Pakistan at the 31st Public Interest Environmental Conference (Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide "ELAW") at the University of Oregon. She also delivered an honorary lecture to LL.M. / Ph.D. students on environmental laws of Pakistan at the University of Oregon, USA in February 2013. As a visiting faculty member, Asma has also lectured to Law students on Arbitration and Succession laws for the last five years at a renowned educational institution, Superior Law College, Pakistan. For the last five years, Asma spent a large portion of time assisting the World Bank on business projects and has been awarded with certificates of appreciation for the years 2009 to 2014. She also participates in many pro-bono activities, particularly related to women's empowerment, and has garnered an excellent reputation among lawyers within the Pakistan community.

Fellow of University of Oregon, USA (Environmental Law)
Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws
Master's Degree, Political Sciences
Bachelor's Degree, Law