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Bloomberg Law's Attorney Analytics provides representation information for over 100,000 attorneys at over 775 law firms. The analytics include attorney appearances on behalf of companies listed in Bloomberg's database of over 70,000 public and 3.5 million private companies and are generated from U.S. District Court and Court of Appeals dockets filed between January 1, 2007 and the present. Criminal dockets and prisoner petitions are not included.


Attorney Selection


1. Select the Attorney tab

AA 1  


2. Enter the desired name into the field

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3. Select the desired attorney from the drop-down suggestion(s)

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Chart Type


Using Attorney Analytics, users are able to see the companies the attorney has represented in federal court, the types of cases the attorney has litigated, the jurisdictions the attorney has litigated in, and the trend of the attorney’s litigation.


1. Company:  View companies represented

AA 4  


2. Case Type:  View types of cases ligated (*case types are based on nature of suit codes assigned to the docket)

AA 5  


3. Jurisdiction: View litigation by jurisdiction

AA 6  


4. Litigation History: View number of cases by year

AA 7




Filters, located on the left, include date, company, case type, jurisdiction, and law firm. These further allow users to breakdown the data to help them identify insights and visualize legal trends for the specified attorney.


1. Date Range:  Coverage from 2007 to present; includes options of Last 12 Months and 3 or 5 Years

AA 8

AA 9


2. Company:  Filter to see specific company representation 

AA 10

AA 11


3. Case Type:  Filter to see specific case types (*case types are based on nature of suit codes assigned to the docket)

AA 12

 AA 13


4. Jurisdiction:  Filter by federal jurisdiction

AA 14

 AA 15


5. Law Firms:  Filter to view representation by law firm

AA 16

 AA 17



In addition, users can generate Attorney Analytic reports; downloadable in PDF, Word, and Excel formats by clicking on the printer icon and selecting the charts and/or data they want to download.

AA 18

AA 19  


Attorney Profile


Attorney Profile pages provide additional information such as, Contact Information, Career History, News, Education and Board Memberships.

AA 20

AA 21



  • Profile information is unique to the individual attorney; not all attorneys will have all categories information.

  • For further information regarding the features of Attorney Analytics, or for questions about a specific attorney’s analytics or profile information, please contact our 24/7 Help Desk at 1-888-560-2529 or