August 2018



Labor & Employment

Several new practice tools for use by employment law attorneys, in-house counsel, and HR practitioners have been added to the L&E Practical Guidance collection, including checklists on:

New modules have been added to the L&E Practical Guidance Library: Step-by-Step: Understand the Interplay Between the FMLA & ADA provides guidance in situations in which an employee’s medical leave request may impose obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act; Step-by-Step: Create Gender Identity Policies and Transition Plans explains how employers may need to accommodate transgender and transitioning employees in the workplace; and Step-by-Step: Manage Employees' Marijuana Use provides compliance guidance and best practices information for employers confronting marijuana-related issues in the workplace. Companies operating in states that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana use or that prohibit job bias against lawful medical pot users may require clarification about the effect of such laws on their organizations against the backdrop of federal law banning marijuana use and possession.


Patents & Trade Secrets

Two new suites of Practical Guidance – Protecting Trade Secrets and Trade Secret Remedies – are now available on the Patents & Trade Secrets home page and on the Trade Secrets practice page.  Trade secrets are a unique and increasingly important form of intellectual property.  Because their value to a business – as protectors of product value, collateral for capital formation, and source of licensing revenue – depends on efficient management and use of holder-controlled information, employers seeking to protect trade secrets must take a number of precautions to ensure that their sensitive information remains secret. These two new Practical Guidance suites provide the overview, insight, checklists, tables, and forms that practitioners need to help them navigate the complex network of federal and state law that governs the use and defense of these critical assets.



Thirty-eight new Practical Guidance documents have been added to our Compliance suite across anti-corruption programs, management of third parties, and reputational risk. The new documents include two new assessment tools, as well as more than a dozen checklists, several sample forms, and three full-color roadmaps. The total number of documents in the Compliance Practical Guidance collection now numbers more than 300.  The new documents are available on the following Compliance topic pages: Ethics & Corruption; Preventing Noncompliance; and Building the Program.


Tech & Telecom

Banking & Finance

A new step-by-step Practical Guidance page on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has been added to our Capital Markets suite and to our ICO In Focus Page. Practical Guidance covers the steps required to determine the need for an ICO and to ultimately complete the ICO process. The new ICO page includes overviews of structural, transactional, regulatory, and legal issues. It also includes checklists, timelines, comparison tables, forms, and trackers for legal practitioners and market participants who are interested in initial coin offerings, security token offerings (STOs), cryptocurrency, and developments in securities law and FinTech.  The page is also included in the Practical Guidance boxes on Tech & Telecom and Banking & Finance



A new 50-state Chart Builder covering Limited Partnership Dissolution is now live on the Corporate Practice Center. The chart covers the different types of dissolution, resolution of claims, distribution of assets, and more. The Chart Builder is available from the Corporate Practice Center home page, the Alternative Entities Practice Page, and the new Chart Builders homepage.


A new 50-state securities law Chart Builder covering Securities Registration & Licensing Fees is now available on the Securities Practice Center and the new Chart Builders homepage under Blue Sky/Securities.  Most states charge fees related to securities transactions that occur within the state. These fees include those charged for the registration and offering of securities, and for the registration and licensing of broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other market participants. This Chart Builder allows users to identify particular fees charged by states and to compare all state securities fees across various jurisdictions.



Bloomberg Law’s new SEC ALJ Enforcement Analytics is a research and data visualization tool providing key insights into securities regulatory enforcement trends and outcomes. It will enable practitioners to better advise and represent clients on government enforcement matters, deploy the most effective compliance strategies and policies, mitigate risk and exposure, and stay on top of practice trends.   It is also available in the Practitioner Tools collection on the Trackers page.


A new Reverse Termination Fees in M&A Deals for U.S. Tracker - providing data on reverse termination fees (regulatory and non-regulatory) in M&A deals for U.S. targets that exceed $5 billion – will be of interest to M&A lawyers negotiating large deals. Users can access the Tracker by typing “Trackers” in the Go Bar to navigate to the Trackers page (listed under the Corporate & Securities heading).



Privacy & Data Security

The launch of the Privacy & Data Security Practice Center includes an updated interface consistent with other practice centers, improved search and retrieval of our valuable content including Practical Guidance related to GDPR compliance, and the enhanced news channel for Privacy & Data Security Law News.  The Practice Center is also available as a stand-alone slice of Bloomberg Law.



A new Practitioner Tools link has been added to the dropdown menu on the Bloomberg Law homepage.  This Practitioner Tools link provides access to Practical Guidance Search, as well as new home pages for Practical Guidance, Chart Builders, In Focus Resources and Trackers.  Users can also access these pages by using the Autocomplete function in the GO Bar.



Recent enhancements to Litigation Analytics include:

  • Updated user interface for Company and Law Firm Analytics, matching the style and functionality of Judge Analytics.

  • Improved print/download/email (PDE) functionality and custom downloading.  Users can now narrow their selection of information for downloading.  For example, if a user is only interested in generating a report of the representation information for a company, the user can select “Law Firms” from the Company Analytics PDE screen and limit the download to that information.  In addition, users will have the flexibility to select either the analytic charts, the list of cases, or both, thus allowing them to tailor the report to meet their specific needs.

  • Enhanced scope of coverage:

    • Company Analytics includes all of a company’s federal litigation dating to 2007; it is not limited to cases where the company is represented by one of the 7000 law firms in the Bloomberg Law database.

    • Law Firm Analytics includes all of a law firm’s federal litigation dating back to 2007, including cases where the firm represents an individual or a private company.  It is not limited to cases where that law firm represented one of the 70,000 public or 3.5 million private companies in the Bloomberg company database.