August 2017



Corporate Practice Center


The Corporate Practice Center: Compliance practice page has added a new link for State Law Chart Builders & Surveys, providing easy access to all state chart builders across all practice areas including Securities, Labor & Employment, Tax, Banking, Health and Privacy. The page also contains links to numerous non-chart builder state law surveys.


Four new Drafting Guides on various private equity leveraged buyout acquisition terms have been added to the Private Equity Practical Guidance Library on Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions.


The Shareholder Proposal No-Action Letter Tracker is now live on both the Corporate and Securities Practice Centers. This tool, along with our accompanying analytics, provides analysis of no-action letters issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission Division of Corporation Finance since the beginning of 2016. Users can filter recent no-action letters by (i) the topics of the shareholder proposals that are the subject of no-action requests to the SEC; (ii) the industry sector of the involved company; (iii) the top 10 outside firms representing companies requesting SEC guidance; or (iv) the top five proponents of the shareholder proposals. Customers can use this tool to anticipate the demands their shareholders will make during their proxy season and how best to respond to them.


The Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice Center has added an Executive Compensation Case Tracker.


A California Class Action Settlement Tracker & Analytics tool is now available as a beta product on Bloomberg Law on the Litigation Resources Page and on the Tort and Class Actions Practice Page. The Class Action Settlement Tracker collects data from California federal district courts, including assigned judge and attorneys’ fees, and links to the class action complaint and the docket – available for clients to download in an excel spreadsheet. The Analytics component offers compelling visualizations of certain data points, with the goal of informing our clients’ litigation strategy in the class action context.


Demonstrative Aids at Trial, a new title published in collaboration with the American College
of Trial Lawyers (ACTL), has been added to Bloomberg Law. It includes more than 70
sample exhibits along with a thorough discussion of the law and related rules. This is the
second title published with ACTL, after the successful Anatomy of a Patent Case book. The
American College of Trial Lawyers is an invitation-only fellowship of exceptional trial lawyers
of diverse backgrounds from the United States and Canada.


International HR Guide; HR Practitioners’ Guide: Due to increased subscriber interest in U.S.
work visas and immigration laws, International HR Editors revised and expanded coverage
of immigration-related content on the Labor & Employment Practice Center. Two new
reference chapters and a reference chart were added to the International HR Guide and HR
Practitioners; Guide: “Hiring Nonimmigrant Workers,” “Obtaining an H-1B Visa,” and
“Comparison Chart: Nonimmigrant Visas.” An upcoming chapter to be published in
September, “Immigration Visas” will cover employer-sponsored green cards.


New Federal Compliance Checklists have been added to Employment Checklists, available
on the Labor & Employment Practice Center. Thirteen new checklists, from practicing
attorneys, provide valuable guidance in specific practice areas, including contractor
compliance, labor, EEO, and immigration.


New Corporate Practice Portfolio Series 103A, Corporate Compliance: Practice Tools for
Your Program, comprises a collection of practice tools annotated with expert guidance,
analysis, and tips for managing the design, maintenance, and monitoring of a corporate
compliance program as well as addressing specific needs of select substantive areas of
legal and regulatory risk. The portfolio is a companion publication to the existing Portfolio
103: Corporate Compliance: Building a World-Class Borderless Ethics Compliance
Programs. Both are available on the Corporate Practice Center. The new portfolio is
authored by U.S. Steel General Counsel and Senior Vice-President for Government Affairs,
Suzanne Rich Folsom, and other U.S. Steel corporate counsel.


New U.S. Income Portfolio Series, 330-1st. Tax and ERISA Implications of Employer-
Provided Medical and Disability Benefits, has been added to the Benefits & Executive
Compensation Practice Center.


Effective September 5th, Bloomberg Law’s Doc Viewer 2.0 was made available to all
customers. Doc Viewer 2.0 provides enhanced usability and readability for the following
content sets on Bloomberg Law:


  • Codified Statutes
  • Codified Regulations
  • Court Opinions
  • BNA Law Reports
  • Portfolios
  • Manuals
  • Books and Treatises


In addition to an updated look and feel, Doc Viewer 2.0 features an upgraded Right Rail
design, enhanced Jump-To and Pagination features, and a Left Rail Table of Contents that
enables users to navigate directly to specific sections of a document (the TOC feature
applies to Codified Statues & Regulations, Portfolios, Manuals, and Books & Treatises).