August 2015

Law Firm Representation Analytics

Law Firm Representation Analytics shows users the top law firms representing a particular company in federal litigation. This tool—available on Company Profiles, the Business Development Center and via Litigation Analytics under the Litigation & Dockets and Companies & Markets menu pages—features dynamic charts and graphs to help users visualize how legal work is distributed by a particular company and to recognize trends. In addition, users can filter results by Date Range, Jurisdiction, and Case Type, or click into underlying dockets. Data is downloadable into pdf and Excel reports.

Expansion of Case Analysis Functionality to Texas Laws and Regulations

Bloomberg Law's “Case Analysis” functionality has been expanded to Texas Laws and Regulations. Users can now pull up a Texas statute or regulation and click on the “Case Analysis” tab located along the top of the page to quickly view opinions discussing the provision they are researching. This feature allows users to filter the relevant opinions by Keyword, Date, Court, or Topic to easily identify the most useful results. Bloomberg Law also classifies and assigns a strength of discussion score to the opinion text surrounding each citation, enabling users to focus on the legal discussions most likely to inform their research.
The specific codes and regulations where the “Case Analysis” functionality has been added include:


State Code Future Impact

As part of long term upgrades to our structured content products (codes, regulations, court rules, books, BBNA portfolios and manuals, etc.), we’ve released upgrades to State Code Future Impact. On any state code sections with future effective changes, users now have access to the session law that makes the future change, the effective date of the change, and the as-codified text, as for the following examples:


BNA Portfolios

The following portfolios are now available on Bloomberg Law:

  • 7450-1st: Business Operations in European Union - Taxation
  • The portfolio can be found by going to the Search & Browse tab, BNA Portfolios, and clicking on Foreign Income Portfolios and selecting Country Portfolios.
  • 472-1st: Private Foundations—Distributions (Section 4942).

The portfolio can be found by going to the Search & Browse tab, BNA Portfolios, and clicking on Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Portfolios and selecting Exempt Organizations/Private Foundations.