Banking & Finance Practice Center

The Banking & Finance Practice Center provides a comprehensive financial services practitioners’ toolkit including a range of practice tools, primary sources, secondary analysis, and news.

How to Use the Practice Center

The Practice Center is organized by tabs: Practice Pages, Laws & Regulations, Litigation & Dockets, Regulatory Agencies, Transactional Resources, Practice Tools, BNA Portfolios, Books & Treatises, News & Law Reports, and Law Reviews & Journals.

You can use each of the tabs on the left-hand side to easily navigate to all the resources relevant to your practice needs.  

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Practice Pages

Practice Pages are focused on the specialized needs of practitioners.  These pages provide editorially crafted enforcement trackers, federal and state guidance trackers, analytics, and docket and case law searches; comprehensive 50-state chart builders for banking and consumer finance laws; a curated set of treatises, BNA Portfolios, statutes and regulations; and news.  Use these pages to quickly hone in on the tools, secondary analysis, and primary content most useful to your practice specialty.

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Practice Tools

Use the Practice Tools tab on the left-hand side to access the various 50-state chart builders and trackers.

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BNA Portfolios and Books & Treatises

The BNA Portfolios and Books & Treatises tabs are organized into practice specialties.  Use these tabs to find the portfolio or treatise by practice need. 

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Transactional Resources

The Transactional Resources Tab provides quick access to the DealMaker Database, legal drafting treatises, practical guidance documents, and banking & finance forms. 

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Additional Practice Center Features
  • The CFPB Enforcement Tracker allows you to navigate recent enforcement actions by Issue, Institution, and Product or Service Types.
  • The Marketplace Lending Trackers allow you to navigate recent federal and state guidance on marketplace lending and filter by government entity and type of federal guidance.
  • Our analytics pages provide data and insight into agency trends and future regulatory actions.
  • The State Law Chart Builders provide users with state law comparisons of banking and consumer finance laws.