Bankruptcy Practice Center

The Bankruptcy Practice Center provides fully integrated analysis, news, business development resources, case law, transactional resources, and other primary and secondary sources, including Bloomberg Law’s own continuously updated bankruptcy treatise, to give you a comprehensive, nuanced understanding of critical issues in bankruptcy law.

How to Use the Practice Center

The Practice Center is organized by tabs: Featured Content, Business Development, and News & Law Reports. You can use the tabs on the left-hand side to navigate to all the resources relevant to your practice needs.


The right-hand side of the Practice Center provides quick access to current awareness resources such as the Bankruptcy Law Reporter®, Bloomberg Law Insights and the Leveraged Capital & Distress Bloomberg business newsletter. The grey Manage Email Notifications banner allows you to subscribe to Bloomberg BNA Law Reports.

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Featured Content

Featured Content highlights some of the Practice Center’s most valued resources, including Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise. The Bankruptcy Treatise is the comprehensive digital resource for federal bankruptcy law. Authored by leading practitioners, judges and law professors, it provides thorough and detailed analysis of the federal bankruptcy code, the federal bankruptcy rules, local rules, and fundamental bankruptcy law topics.

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Business Development

Use the Business Development tab on the left-hand side to access tools and resources to keep current on existing and potential clients, including our Company Screener, a resource that enables you to identify and track companies in financial distress, and our Business Intelligence Center, which provides an array of current awareness and analytical resources to better understand the market.

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News & Law Reports

Get in-depth news and current awareness with Bankruptcy Law Reporter™ and wire news covering bankruptcy developments. Also access Bloomberg’s news briefs covering Leveraged Capital & Distress and Municipal Markets.

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Courts, Opinions & Dockets

Get direct access to U.S. Federal Bankruptcy and District Court opinions, and related federal and state court opinions, as well as the underlying dockets and filings made in such cases.

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Transactional Resources

The Transactional Resources tab provides quick access to recently negotiated bankruptcy-related transaction documents, information on 363 sales, and Bankruptcy Forms.

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Additional Practice Center Features
  • Get quick access to the most relevant bankruptcy laws and regulations. 
  • Find the most relevant state laws and uniform acts related to bankruptcy. 
  • Access Bankruptcy-related Books & Treatises organized by publishers.