Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS): A Collection of Coverage and Analysis January-February 2016

As individual countries start implementing the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) recommendations and action plan, it's critical that you stay up to date on the latest developments. This new whitepaper includes updated news and analysis so you can better navigate current implementation statuses across different countries and different action items.


  • Ireland, U.K., Singapore Likely Winners in BEPS Outcome
  • China Looks to Expand Its Share of Global Taxes in 2016
  • BEPS Debate on Profit Attribution Could Dominate 2016
  • Bumps Ahead as EU Develops Anti-Tax Avoidance System
  • U.S. Delay in Country-by-Country Reporting Rules Incites Backlash
  • One-Year Exemption in Danish Country-by-Country Legislation
  • No Deadline Break on French CbC Reporting for U.S. Companies
  • Microsoft Tax Exec: Preparation Key to Avoiding BEPS Fallout
  • Chile Implements BEPS Provisions Through New, Revised Forms
  • New OECD Rules Seek Broad Expansion of Tax Authority Power to Disregard Transactions
  • Australia: The Past Year in Tax
  • Evolving Tax Landscape in China: 2015 Review and 2016 Outlook