The Bloomberg Law Citator, BCite, allows you to explore how court opinions have been cited so that you can ultimately determine whether a case is considered good law. Open the extracts within the Case Analysis tab to research the specific references to your case.


The Direct History, Table of Authorities, and Citing Documents tabs offer other avenues to learn more about your case. You can immediately see how other cases have treated your case by using the signals that denote Positive, Distinguished, Caution, Superseded by Statute, and Negative.  Click here to view a description of the BCite Indicators.


To access BCite Analysis, click the BCITE icon  Icon_BCITE  and click on Direct History, Case Analysis, Table of Authorities or Citing Documents tabs.  Every case displays the BCite treatment next to its caption and the composite treatment is visible on the right rail. A link to view the BCITE Indicators is also available at the bottom of the right rail. 



BCITE Location_2



Direct History: Shows how your case moved through the court system and shows other opinions relating to your case.  This includes cases with the same controversy or opinions resulting from related appeals.



BCITE_Direct History



Case Analysis: Shows other cases that have cited your case and includes extracts showing the exact language used by the citing court.  You can sort or filter by Date, Citation Frequency, Citing Case Analysis, Citing Case Status, Court, and/or Judge.



BCITE_Case Analysis


Table of Authorities: Shows how your case treats the cases that it cites.  It also provides an overall treatment icon for each of those cases.  You can sort or filter by Date, Citation Frequency, Cited Case Analysis, Cited Case Status, Court, Judge, and/or Order of Appearance in your case.



BCITE_table of Authorities


Citing Documents: Shows Court Opinions, Regulatory & Administrative Materials, and Secondary Materials that have cited your case.  You can perform a keyword search over all of these materials from the Keywords box. You can also create a Citation Alert so that you will be notified whenever your case is cited by another document.


 BCITE_Citing Documents_2