Benefits Related Blogs

 I thought you might be interested in other benefits-related blogs. I'm sure I've missed some, so if you know of other benefits-related blogs, please add it through a comment.

• Actium's Managed 401(k) / 403(b) Blog
Promotes managed accounts for 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans.

• BenefitsBlog and The ERISA Blog by Janell Grenier
Interesting tidbits on a wide variety of benefits related topics from a benefits lawyer in the Philadelphia area. If you’re only in legal stuff, go to The ERISA Blog. Otherwise, check out Benefits Blog, which has the same legal items but also has other benefits posts.

• Benefits in the News from BenefitsLink
While not designated as a blog, probably because it started before blogs began, this is the best free site on the web to get information on employee benefits.

• Boston ERISA & Insurance Litigation Blog by Stephen Rosenberg
Interesting and thoughtful discussions of litigation-related topics from a defense litigator in Boston, not all of them ERISA-related, but enough to make it worthwhile to check it out regularly even if you're not a litigator.

• The Disabled Worker Law Blog by Troy Rosasco
Written from a plaintiff perspective, with an emphasis on New York where the author practices.

• ERISA and Disability Benefits Law Blog by John Wood and James Streett
From a plaintiff firm in Tennessee, this blog covers disability litigation.

• ERISA Law Blog by Brian S. King
Written by a plaintiff lawyer in Salt Lake City, this blog focuses on health and disability litigation.

• Fiduciary Investor by Prudence Mann
Information, data and news on investment topics for fiduciaries of defined benefit and 401(k) plans.

• Florida ERISA Blog by Marcus Castillo
Blog from a plaintiff litigator in Clearwater devoted to recent developments in ERISA and employee benefits law in Florida and the 11th Circuit.

• Health Plan Law by Roy F. Harmon
Written by a lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, this blog provides nformation about group health plans, claims administration and related ERISA fiduciary issues. In addition to the blog, this site includes relevant ERISA statutory provisions, regulations and other resources.

• Long-Term Disability Benefits Blog by J. Kevin Morton
From a plaintiff lawyer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this blog provides news and information on long-term diability claims and appeals under ERISA and Social Security.

• Pension Actuary Blog by Alberto Dominguez
Random career thoughts and observations by an actuary, mixture of news items and personal reflections.

• Pensions and Benefits Weblog by "Fuguerre"
Anonymous but knowledgeable blogger on a wide range of benefits topics

• Pension Reforms Blog
From the UK Department for Work and Pensions, this blog discusses pending reform proposals for the UK pension system.

• Pension Risk Matters by Susan M. Mangiero
Written by a certified financial analyst (CFA) in Connecticut, this blog focuses on financial risk issues for pension plans, with a governance and fiduciary emphasis.

• Public Pensions News by H.K. Anders
Items of interest on federal, state and local pension plans.

• The Retirement Plan Blog by Jerry Kalish
From a benefits consulting firm in Chicago, this blog focuses on design issues for defined benefit and 401(k) plans rather than legal issues

• Rick Mattoon on Pensions
Written by a Senior Economist and Economic Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, this blog focuses on economics topics related to state and local government plans. Unfortunately no new entries since March.

• Workplace Profs Blog edited by Richard Bales and Paul Secunda
As the name suggests, this blog covers a wide range of employment issues from an academic perspective. I’ve linked to the benefits-related posts but you may want to check out the full blog periodically if you are interested in labor and employment law.