Beware: Bama Beer Board Wants to Track Brew Buys


Beer glorious beer. Benjamin Franklin once said that “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Nothing is better than drinking a cool refreshing Sam Adams, Leinenkugel’s, Steam Whistle or Duff on a hot summer day. However, Alabama regulators may be sticking their noses into the sacred world of beer. 

The Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board recently released a proposed rule change that would require craft beer brewers to keep records of consumers personal information including: name, address and date of birth. All information collected by the Alabama ABC will be subject to the regulators’ verification. 

Beer enthusiasts aren’t only concerned because Alabama is encroaching on their favorite pastimes, the regulation also raises personal privacy concerns. According to Nick Hudson, president of non-profit Free the Hops | Alabamians for Specialty Beer, the implications of the law are “highly concerning.” The ABC may be allowed to come to a purchasers’ house to confirm the “purchase of a six pack of beer,” he said in a statement. The proposed regulation “represents an unprecedented, unnecessary and overreaching invasion of privacy,” Hudson said.

Anyone who wishes to comment on the regulation have until Sept. 7. However, commenters should probably comment before cracking open a nice cold one. 

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